Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Hair Do

Bennett looks just like Jeremy but the poor guy inherited my cowlick and unruly hair.  His hairline is just like mine which makes it lay weird if his hair gets too long.  He also has my wavy but not really wavy hair and it is very thick.  I guess it is good he is a boy and can keep it short but even when it is short his hair is still hard to manage.  I have to completely wet his head every morning just to keep it from being all over the place.  I thought I would try getting his hair buzzed for the summer and see how it looked.  He sweats so bad with all of the hair on his head so I wanted to try it really short for summer and Jeremy and I figured if it looked good I would buy clippers and cut Bennett's hair myself from now on.  Well Tuesday Bennett's hair got buzzed and along with his hair being gone so is any babyness that was left!  He looks like a 5 year old to me now!  All day after his hair was cut I literally just stared at him because he looked so different to me.  I love the haircut because it is so easy and it is great for summer, but I really don't know if I will keep it like this yet or not.  I am just not used to how he looks yet!

Looks like such a big boy!

He is still cute!

When I took him to school today his teachers were shocked at how different he looked.  They all said they miss his little curls.  I do miss his hair but I am really enjoying how easy it is to deal with his hair now that it is buzzed.  Who knows it may stay this way or I might let it grow back out.  I just can't decide!!  He still looks cute I could never do anything to him that would not make him look cute but he definitely does not have that "baby" look to him anymore and I do miss that!

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