Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mommy's Helper

Yesterday I took Bennett grocery shopping with me and luckily we were able to use a shopping cart with a car attached to it, so he was entertained and happy throughout my entire trip.  When we got home I needed to keep him occupied so I could unload everything so I asked him to help me bring in the paper towels and he quickly ran over!  It was so cute as soon as I said "can you help me" he was all about it. He picked up the paper towels (which was a large pack) and it took him a good 5 minutes to get them from the garage door to the kitchen.  In the meantime I was able to get my groceries put away.  He made a few manly grunts while he tried to pick them up and then he tried to climb on top of them so he enjoyed "helping" mommy out!

Taking a little break from the heavy lifting
Back to work

Bringing them to mommy

Today I tried this again.  I forgot a few things at the store yesterday so I had to run back out this afternoon and when we got home Bennett did not want to come inside he wanted to go outside to play.  In order to  keep a tantrum from happening I asked him if he would help mommy and he ran right over!  I gave him some cheese to carry in and he gladly handled it for me.  Then I asked him to throw away some trash and he did!  I am loving this!!!  My child is enjoying himself while helping me and I can get a few things done...win win in my book!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Tonight after dinner we gave Bennett his first popsicle.  I undressed him and had him eat it outside because I assumed it would get pretty messy and boy was I right!  He figured out how to eat it very quickly and ran around the back yard with it while playing.  He also had to wear a pair of sunglasses he got from the goody bag he received at his cousin's birthday party so he was quite a sight!

Taking his first bite!


He climbed onto his slide to finish eating

I have a feeling we will be spending quite a few nights this summer just like this!  Bennett just keeps us entertained all day long!  He can be intense and serious at times, but he is usually so funny and playful.  I just love this boy more then anything!  He makes life so much more fun!

Chuck E Cheese and a Slumber Party

Saturday Bennett had his first experience at Chuck E Cheese.  We were there to celebrate Bennett's second cousin Evan's 4th birthday.  Bennett had a good time, but he is usually reserved and shy when he is around a larger group of people that he doesn't know very well so it took him a while before he started to enjoy himself.  He played on a lot of rides and ran around but soon nap time approached and he was ready to go!  The only thing that made him happy when was he got to eat some cake.  He was actually dancing between every bite!
Acting shy when we first got there

He found a car and stayed in this for a while


Throwing the skee ball

Eating cake and dancing!

We left the party early to get Bennett home for a good nap.  He was spending the night with my sister and brother in law, or Lou Lou and Uncle D to Bennett, and I wanted him to be well rested and in a good mood for them.  I mean they have a 3 1/2 year old and a 15 month old so they need another toddler in their house like a hole in their heads but luckily they adore Bennett and jump at the chance to watch him.  Bennett also loves playing with his cousins so it works out perfectly!!  Lyndsay makes it way too easy for me though since she has kids Bennett's age all I have to send over are diapers and clothes and she takes care of everything else. This time she even picked him up and dropped him off!  I got a few pictures through out the night of what they were doing, so here are a few.

Bennett and Ella

Out to dinner 

Eating doughnuts for breakfast

I think he enjoyed eating so much sugar first thing in the morning!

Thank you again Lou Lou and Uncle D for taking care of Bennett for us!  I always know he is in good hands with them and they know exactly what to do with a rambunctious toddler so I never worry!!  Jeremy and I enjoyed our adult night out very much!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

Yesterday I luckily got in a fun play date with a friend and her little girl who is just a few weeks younger then Bennett.  We met at the pool and had a great time while the kids played.  Today on the other hand was a little less fun since it rained all morning!  We were stuck here for part of the morning because DirecTV had to come fix our satelite that had been broken all week.  Of course as soon as they left the rain picked up even more so instead of playing outside or running errands I had to entertain Bennett which can be difficult some days.

Waving Hi to me while taking his blanket for a ride

Trying to put his hat on himself...didn't work too well!!

Such a cutie!  He wore his hat around most of the morning.

Wearing one shoe which is becoming a daily  habit!

After playing chase around the house, which is his new favorite thing to do, and reading numerous books Bennett was tired enough for a good long nap.  When he woke up the rain had stopped so we left to run our errands and when we came home Bennett wanted to play outside.  Since we had been stuck inside most of the day I couldn't say no.  He played with his sidewalk chalk and threw the tennis ball for the dogs and just ran!  If he could live outside I think he would!!

Throwing the ball for Patty

Watching her go!
Tomorrow will be more of the same since it is supposed to rain all weekend.  Luckily we have a busy weekend planned with a birthday party Saturday afternoon and then that night my sweet sister is watching Bennett for us so Jeremy and I can have a night out with some friends!  Bennett always has so much fun with his cousins so I know he will have the best time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Did you say Terrible Twos or Terrible Toddler Years??

So I am starting to think whoever started the phrase "Terrible Twos" never had children. I have realized that tantrums, dissapointment over not getting their way, and a strong opinion start before the age of 2. After talking to friends who have kids Bennett's age I know that I am not alone in this and from what others have told me that it actually gets worse during age 3 then age 2, so why don't we just call it what it is!? It is really just the Terrible Toddler Years! My precious little Bennett started off his day being his sweet self. We played outside with sidewalk chalk, ran around, and had a good time then came inside for lunch. Well after lunch Bennett wanted to go back outside and since it is 1000 degrees out I said no and offered up another activity well this is the result of that.

Laying down to pout

Making sure I see him

Patty decided to keep him company!

Luckily this was a quiet pout usually there are tears involved but sometimes he just has to show me he is dissapointed. After a nap he woke up in a good mood and does what he does most days which is bang on the door to the garage because he wants to go in the car, so I decided to go to Barnes and Noble because I wanted to look for a new book anyway. At first things are good and Bennett asks for his snack cup which I always have when we are out, he finishes his snack and quickly lets me know he wants more so I give him more but I made a rookie mistake I was out of snacks after that!!! I usually have a stock pile in my bag but of course not today. I continued to shop around the store and once his snack was done he started getting restless and wanted out of his stroller. He kept twisting around in protest and fussing but I tried to ignore it so he flung his head around to make sure I was noticing his request to get out and smashed his cheek on the side of his stroller so his little tantrum turned into a huge spectacle because he hurt himself. I quickly decided to exit and for some reason Barnes and Noble turned the air down because it became very hot or was that just me!? I got many stares and looks but we finally got to the car where Bennett tried to fight me on getting into his carseat. I finally get him strapped in and quickly came home. He is now happy as can be and even came over and kissed my arm. I LOVE my little guy more then anything in this world but wow some days can wear you out!!!!! I can't stay mad at this face for too long though.

My sweet boy

Playing so sweetly with his sidewalk chalk

Love this boy!!!! I know one day I will miss this phase!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

We had a great day celebrating Father's Day! I made Jeremy his favorite breakfast of french toast this morning. Jeremy decided he wanted to go to Home Depot to look at landscaping and we ended up with two new trees for our backyard. Once we got home Jeremy decided to move 6 shrubs and replant them along with planting two new trees so instead of relaxing he worked all day in the heat! Later that night we went to my parents to have dinner with them so I could see my wonderful Dad on Father's Day. Bennett had so much fun at Pop Pop's house!

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband who is an amazing dad to Bennett. He loves him so much and has so much patience and affection for him. I love watching the two of them interact together. Jeremy got the best Father's Day gift this past week, since we have been home from Ohio Bennett has been such a Daddy's boy! For the longest time Bennett has been clung to me so it has been so fun to watch him cry for Dada and get upset when Jeremy walks away, it really is so sweet. Happy Father's Day Jeremy! Bennett and I love you so much!

18 months late

So I have decided to start a blog for our family so I can look back and remember all the little things about Bennett growing up. I have already forgotten so much that I regret not doing this when he was first born! I guess better late then never!

Bennett just turned 18 months which I cannot believe. I feel like my baby was just born and now he is this little person with quite a strong opinion and as much as I love seeing him grow up and develop a personality I do miss him being a little baby. We went to the pediatrician last week and Bennett is 26.8 pounds which puts him in the 60th percentile and 33 inches which puts him in the 75th percentile for height. He is right on track for his development and doesn't have to go back until he is 2. I want to keep track of all the words Bennett is saying now and hopefully I don't forget any!
Doggie, Mama, Dada, Alice, Hush, Hi, all gone, all done, all day, shoe, cup, up (which both sound the same), look, book, work, car (this is said all day long whenever he sees a car and is usually followed by a vroom sound), help (this sounds like ga but I know he means help), yogurt but he says gurt, blanket but he says ket, Ella my sweet niece he can say her name, grape, o.k., hot, yes, no (usually he just shakes his head no I rarely hear it), thank you (again rare to hear), ouch and uh oh which I hear A LOT. I feel like there are a few more but I guess I will remember later. He can also point out his head, nose, mouth, tongue, and belly. He is so much fun and is 100% boy and is on the move all day unless he is asleep.

Crazy bedhead!

Cool guy with his sunglasses