Monday, June 20, 2011

Did you say Terrible Twos or Terrible Toddler Years??

So I am starting to think whoever started the phrase "Terrible Twos" never had children. I have realized that tantrums, dissapointment over not getting their way, and a strong opinion start before the age of 2. After talking to friends who have kids Bennett's age I know that I am not alone in this and from what others have told me that it actually gets worse during age 3 then age 2, so why don't we just call it what it is!? It is really just the Terrible Toddler Years! My precious little Bennett started off his day being his sweet self. We played outside with sidewalk chalk, ran around, and had a good time then came inside for lunch. Well after lunch Bennett wanted to go back outside and since it is 1000 degrees out I said no and offered up another activity well this is the result of that.

Laying down to pout

Making sure I see him

Patty decided to keep him company!

Luckily this was a quiet pout usually there are tears involved but sometimes he just has to show me he is dissapointed. After a nap he woke up in a good mood and does what he does most days which is bang on the door to the garage because he wants to go in the car, so I decided to go to Barnes and Noble because I wanted to look for a new book anyway. At first things are good and Bennett asks for his snack cup which I always have when we are out, he finishes his snack and quickly lets me know he wants more so I give him more but I made a rookie mistake I was out of snacks after that!!! I usually have a stock pile in my bag but of course not today. I continued to shop around the store and once his snack was done he started getting restless and wanted out of his stroller. He kept twisting around in protest and fussing but I tried to ignore it so he flung his head around to make sure I was noticing his request to get out and smashed his cheek on the side of his stroller so his little tantrum turned into a huge spectacle because he hurt himself. I quickly decided to exit and for some reason Barnes and Noble turned the air down because it became very hot or was that just me!? I got many stares and looks but we finally got to the car where Bennett tried to fight me on getting into his carseat. I finally get him strapped in and quickly came home. He is now happy as can be and even came over and kissed my arm. I LOVE my little guy more then anything in this world but wow some days can wear you out!!!!! I can't stay mad at this face for too long though.

My sweet boy

Playing so sweetly with his sidewalk chalk

Love this boy!!!! I know one day I will miss this phase!

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