Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 months!!!

2 months old!

Walker turned 2 months last week and I wish time would slow down!  Time is really flying by and I feel like it is going faster with Walker then it did with Bennett.  Walker has turned into a dream baby!  He is now sleeping 12 hours at night which means he and Bennett go down for the night at the same time, he is still a great eater, and takes great naps.  He rarely cries anymore he only gets fussy if he is tired or hungry.  The car seat situation is getting better, he still gets fussy but nothing like he used to.  He is just such a joy and I really can't get over what an easy baby he is!  Bennett was an easy baby too so I don't know how we got so lucky.  Some days I look at both of them and really wonder what I did to deserve two wonderful little boys.  They are both the best!

He didn't like this swing for a while but recently has a new found love for it!

Yesterday Walker had his 2 month check up and everything went great.  He had to get two shots which have made him fussy but a few extra cuddles seem to make him feel better.  The pediatrician could not believe he is already sleeping 12 hours at night and told me to keep doing what we are doing because it is working!  Walker is perfect and healthy so we received a good report from the doctor and won't have to go back until he is 4 months old.  Walker weighs 15.6 lbs and is in the 96% his height is 23 3/8 in. so he is in the 63%.  He grew 2 inches since his last visit so his height is starting to catch up to his weight!  He is now in 3-6 month clothes and I have a feeling won't be in those for long and soon will need 6-12 months.  He is also starting to outgrow his size 2 diapers so once we are done with the size 2s we have we need to bump him up to size 3.  So happy to have a healthy and growing baby!

Monday, September 17, 2012


If you know Bennett you know he is obsessed with cars!  I know most little boys love cars, but I think Bennett's love for cars is a little more then most.  Every weekend when we get the newspaper Bennett wants us to pull out the car ads and he will look at them and tell us which car he wants.  We always ask him if he has the money to buy the cars he likes and he always says yes...if only that were true.  He won't let us throw the ads away either so he can look at them all day.

Going through the ads

Looking for cars that he likes

Showing us which ones he wants

Reading the paper with breakfast

Bennett is such a funny little kid.  He makes me laugh every day and the things that come out of his mouth makes me wonder how he comes up with a lot of the things he says.  I love seeing more of his personality and interests come out as he grows up.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Someone Loves to Sleep!!

Luckily that someone is Walker!!!  He is sleeping through the night and going about 11 hours!  I cannot believe it myself that he sleeps this long, but I feed him around 8:30 and he is sleeping till 7 or 7:30.  This morning he slept until 8, so he keeps stretching it out.  Bennett was a great sleeper as a baby too but was not sleeping this long at Walker's age.  I feel like we are able to have more of a routine and can plan out our days better now which has been so great.

Now I just need to get Walker to like being in his car seat.  He usually screams most of the time he is in it, so car rides are pretty unenjoyable!  When I take Bennett to school car pool is not a fun time for any of us.  He does better when the car is moving but sometimes that doesn't matter.  We are hoping he will learn to like it, but for now we get out with him for shorter trips.  When we do run errands I just wear Walker in the baby carrier which he loves.

Last week Walker started smiling at us which is precious.  He loves to coo and smile at us, it is fun seeing him respond to us more.  He is such a sweet little baby and we just love him to pieces!!  

Brothers :)

Sweetest little chunk!  Love his rolls!!