Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chunky Monkey!

I took Walker on Friday to his one month check up and he is growing into quite the chunk!  He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and 20.5 in at birth and at his appt he was up to 12 lbs 10 oz and 21.5 in.  He is 94% for weight and 44% for height so he is pretty much short and fat right now :)  His pediatrician said Walker set a new record for him and that he has never seen a baby gain 5 lbs in one month before, so Walker is already an overachiever...haha!  Bennett weighed a little over 11 lbs at one month but he was also proportionate with his height.  Hopefully Walker will start growing length wise and not as much in weight.  His doctor told me that I must be producing premium grade milk since Walker is already growing so much.  Bennett got chunky fast too so I guess I just fatten them up quickly!  At least they are happy and healthy babies!

My sweet chub!

Walker also started sleeping from 10-4 which has been absolutely wonderful!  I am still tired, but I feel like a human being again and not a walking zombie going on little sleep.  Hopefully soon he will start going for a longer stretch and soon will be sleeping through the night.  Bennett was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old, so I am really hoping Walker follows in his footsteps.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

One Month!

Yesterday Walker turned one month old!  I told Jeremy that this has literally been the fastest month of my life.  I feel like we just came home from the hospital with him.  Walker is doing great, but the transition has been tough some days.  I forgot how much a newborn cries and how much attention they need.  You would think I would have a better recollection but sadly I don't!  I am learning how to balance my time between Walker and Bennett and it is a constant balancing act.  If Walker is fussy I have to tend to him, so I have guilt on a daily basis that I can't always give Bennett my time.  I know as Walker gets older it will only get easier and luckily the newborn phase is a very short one!  It is even harder dealing with all of this on little sleep but it seems like we are turning a corner and Walker is sleeping more at night so hopefully soon I will be a bit more rested.

Sweet little thing!

One month

So far Walker is a lot like Bennett as a newborn.  They both hate the swaddle, spit up like crazy (but don't have reflux), hate the swing, won't take a pacifier, cry when the car or stroller comes to a stop, prefer sleeping on their tummy, won't take formula will only nurse, and pack on the pounds very fast!  Walker is already becoming a bit of a chunk like his big brother.  Bennett was 20 pounds by the time he was 6 months old and I have a feeling Walker will follow in his footsteps!  I am surprised how many similarities they both have as babies I thought they would be completely different.  I am sure as Walker gets older and we see more of his personality come out they will be very different but as far as their newborn behavior goes they are a lot alike.  

Walker goes to the pediatrician later this week for his checkup.  I will find out his height and weight then so I will have post his stats when I find out.  He also rolled over twice last week.  At first I thought it was a fluke but right after I flipped him back over he rolled over again.  He hasn't done it since but I haven't really given him the chance.  We might have an early mover on our hands!

First Day of Preschool

Bennett started preschool last week and this year he is going 3 days a week.  He has adapted to school a lot better then he did last year.  He hasn't shed one tear and is really having a great time once he gets there. He is still timid when I drop him off, but the teachers said he is doing great and he has already showed off his dance moves so I know he feels comfortable!

Carpool starts this week, so I am interested to see how he handles that.  Last year since his class was younger they didn't allow us to use carpool so this is all new for us.  I really hope he is ok with it because getting him unloaded is one thing but trying to get a newborn baby and his stroller into school is too much.  Especially when a swarm of 2 year olds gathers around the stroller trying to get a peek of the baby and they wake him up.  Not cool!!

Before we left for school. He wouldn't smile so all of the pictures I got of him look more like a mug shot.

Getting his bag for school

Waiting outside to go in

Checking out his seat

Of course made a beeline for the trucks!

Bennett going to school is great for both of us.  He loves it, has fun, and is learning lots of new things and it allows me to get some one on one time with Walker which has been great.  When I picked him up on Friday one of his teachers told me Bennett is a dream and she adores him.  I am so glad he has made a quick transition and that the teachers enjoy him and that he enjoys them.  Makes dropping him off so much easier!!


Bennett has really taken to Walker and always wants to know where his baby brother is.  Since we didn't name Walker until he was born Bennett still refers to him as baby brother, he rarely calls him by his name.  The only thing that bothers Bennett is when Walker is crying for an extended period of time.   When Walker starts crying he tells him "that is enough!".  It makes me laugh because I tell Bennett that when he is throwing a tantrum, so in his mind when Walker is crying he thinks he needs to reprimand him and tell him "enough" or "hush".  The other day on the way home from school Walker started crying and Bennett told him to hush.  I told Bennett that Walker can't help it since he is a baby then all of a sudden Walker stopped crying.  Bennett threw up his hands and yelled "We did it!!!"  I wish it was only that easy to get a newborn baby to stop crying.  Other then that Bennett really loves interacting with his brother.

Holding Walker

Bennett looks like a giant to me now

Doing tummy time together

Bennett kept mimicking the faces Walker was making

Giving kisses!

In their cute matching shirts my friend made for them

I love seeing Bennett and Walker interact together.  I really pray they are the best of friends throughout their life and always depend on each other.  I know they will fight and disagree but my hope is they will always respect and love one another.