Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birthdays, Pumpkins, and Costumes!

This post is a jumble of the past week!  This past week has been crazy...but crazy in a good way!!  My birthday was Friday and so was my sweet nephew Ryan.  Thursday night my dad watched the boys for us so Jeremy and I could go grab dinner and have a little date night to celebrate my birthday.  On my actual birthday Jeremy took the day off of work so we could hang out and spend the day together.  Later that afternoon we headed over to Catch Air for Ryan's birthday party.  Bennett was SO excited!  He adores Ryan and could not wait to get there.  The party was so much fun and the kids had a blast.

Saturday we ran around taking care of a bunch of errands.  Later that night we went over to my sister's house for Ryan's birthday party so we could celebrate with family.  Friday night was for his friends, Saturday was for family.  It was so fun and relaxing!  We just all hung out and watched the kids play and Ryan open his gifts.  Still can't believe Ryan is 6 and I really can't believe I am the age I am now :) I am sad I forgot my camera for both parties.  I had it set out to bring and sadly left it home so I have no pictures of any of Ryan's party...Major fail!

Sunday was another busy day.  Jeremy and I co-hosted a couples baby shower for some of our very close friends.  It was a really fun party and my dad had the kids all day, so we got in a kid free day and got to hang out with friends which is always a nice treat!

We didn't get much down time because yesterday was Jeremy's birthday!!  He was able to work from home, so the boys and I tried to make his day special.  We had doughnuts for breakfast, and for dinner Jeremy asked for chicken and dumplings and apple crisp for dessert!  It was a yummy meal and we had a great day celebrating him.  After dinner we finally got around to carving our pumpkin.  Bennett got to carve one with my parents so he was very ready to do ours!

Excited and ready to carve our pumpkin!

Drawing the face on the pumpkin

Walker just ran around being silly

Checking out the finished product

Our pumpkins!

Bennett was proud!

Today at school Bennett had his Costume Parade.  He was really looking forward to dressing up for school and having a little party.  Bennett wanted to be spiderman this year, which is what he was last year, so that is what he is going to be!  Luckily his costume still fits so score for not having to buy any costumes this year since Walker is wearing one of Bennett's from when he was younger!

Here comes Spidey!

 He was so uncomfortable with everyone staring.  His face just made me laugh.

This little guy just hung out as long as his snack cup was full! 

Bennett with his class!

It has been a busy week so far and tomorrow is going to be another crazy day since it is Halloween but I can't wait.  Bennett is so excited for Halloween and is ready to trick or treat with his cousins!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Walker is 15 months!!

Walker turned 15 months and I feel like I blinked from his first birthday to now.  The past three months have flown by and Walker is growing up and changing so fast!

He went in for his well check up and he is perfectly healthy.  Here are our big boy's stats!

Weight: 25.3 lbs--82%
Height: 30.5 in--25%

Not much has changed in this area, he is still short and chunky!  The nurse measured him first then weighed him and when she saw the huge discrepancy she measured him again.  I feel like they do this almost every time we are there.

Here is what Walker is up to:

-Running now instead of walking
-Becoming a bit of a picky eater (which makes me crazy), but he can put down an enormous amount of food!
-Still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping 12 hours at night
-Has 7 teeth
-Says Dada and doggie, not much of a talker yet. He likes to point and grunt and what he wants :)
-He can wave and clap
-Loves to dance
-Loves to play peek a boo or "Where's Walker" which is what we call it!
-Obsessed with his shoes.  He either wants to wear them or hold them.
-He wants to be wherever Bennett is and doing whatever Bennett is doing.  This sometimes makes for a disaster, but he loves his big brother!

Looking like a big boy

His "say cheese" face!

Playing with one of his favorite toys

He is just all in all such a sweet boy and makes us laugh everyday.  He has mastered his tantrum throwing and can pitch a really good fit when he doesn't get his way, but for the most party he is such a funny, happy little guy!   We just love him to pieces!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Burt's Pumpkin Patch

We made our annual trip up to Burt's to get our pumpkins.  Boy it was quite a day!!  We left our house a little bit later then we had planned to leave because Walker slept in and since he was going to miss his morning nap I actually thought how him sleeping in would be a huge help and allow us to stay at Burt's a lot longer.  Right after he ate breakfast we got right into the car.

We headed out and had a nice quiet drive.  About 2 minutes before we pull into Burt's Bennett says "Mom Walker threw up!".  I turn around and what do you know there is Walker's breakfast all over him!  He never cried or whined he was just sitting there like nothing happened.  We pull into Burt's and get him out of the car clean him off and put on the extra outfit I had in my bag.  I had the boys in matching shirts for the day and of course that plan went down the drain.  Walker seemed totally fine once we cleaned him up and since we drove an hour up there we decided to try and make the most of it.  We hopped on the hayride then quickly picked out our pumpkins.  We were there for about 40 minutes.  We left pretty quickly just in case Walker really was sick!  Not really the plan I had in my head for the day but I was too afraid to push it.

On the hayride all cleaned up and ready to go!

He was excited!

Still a little dazed from the car ride

Me and Bennett

Searching for pumpkins

Found a good one!

With my boys!

Jeremy and the boys

Walking around and checking everything out!

The drive up there is on a lot of windy roads as you are heading up to the mountains and it turns out Walker just got car sick from the drive.  Walker is usually so easy going about things but the one area where he is not easy is the car.  He really doesn't love his carseat and hates being in it for anything over 30 minutes.  Maybe one day longer drives will get easier with him!!

He was not a happy camper on the way home because he was really hungry which was understandable since he lost his breakfast.  We got some lunch and he was back to his normal self after that.  

Let's just say we won't be driving up to the mountains or taking a long car ride for a while!  I am just glad he is not sick and it was only car sickness!

It still turned out to be a great day and we picked out some great pumpkins!