Thursday, January 23, 2014

18 Months and Full of Personality!

Walker is now 18 months and boy is this kid funny!  He loves to make people laugh, if he does something and you start laughing you better be ready for him to do it over and over again to get a reaction out of you.  He is so sweet and loving, but can be so feisty and defiant all at the same time.  He will be a tough one to discipline!  He does something wrong and we will get on to him, and he will just walk up to you with this huge smile.  It always makes me laugh so then he laughs, thinks he is off the hook, and does what we asked him not to again.  So then we start over!

He loves Bennett and they sometimes play really well together some days not so much.  I never thought I would have to referee their fights at this age already, but some days I feel like all I do is tell them to share, not hit, stop messing with your brother, etc!  I love seeing his and Bennett's relationship grow.  When I pick Bennett up at school Walker gets so excited and it makes me so happy to see them interact with each other.  Everyone comments on how much the two of them look alike and they do, but they are complete opposites and I actually love how different they are from one another.

Walker is also going through a major I want Mommy phase!  Bennett was shy at this age and had separation anxiety in general.  He just didn't like being around new people, but Walker just wants me all the time right now and it is getting a little hard to walk out the door when I have a little 18 month old running after me screaming his head off.  It breaks my heart but is also frustrating at the same time.  We leave him in the nursery at church, I take him to the gym daycare a few times a week, and I leave him in the nursery at my Bible study so it isn't for the lack of trying on our end to get him used to me leaving him, but that boy just wants his mommy!  He gets really mad if Bennett comes and sits in my lap and will try to push him out.  I guess I should just soak up all the Mommy love while I can!

Goof ball insisted on wearing this hat at breakfast

After his first timeout.  I think his face says it all, he is is not a fan!

Sweet baby at his 18 month check up

Walker is "talking" and always vocal, but isn't saying anything too clear at this point.  He understands everything we say which the pediatrician said is more important and he can tell Walker wants to talk so he will figure it out.  I can tell him to go get specific toys, shoes, etc and he can do it so he is pretty smart!

Here is what Walker can say so far:
Mama, Dada, Daddy, doggie, kitty, bye bye, hi, ni ni (night night), yeah, and boo (Bennett taught him that one)!
He can shake his head No, wave Hi or Bye, and give high fives.  He knows where his head, belly, feet and tongue are and he can tell you what a monkey, kitty, and lion say.

Walker is just so much fun and we love him so much!  I just can't say enough about Walker and I love seeing the little boy he is turning into.  He is just the sweetest and funniest little guy!

My boys are growing!!

Earlier this month Bennett had his 4 year well check.  He has grown a lot in the past year!  The appointment was really long and not fun for Bennett!  He had to do a vision and hearing test.  He did fine during the vision part and followed the nurses directions.  Once we went in to do the hearing test he was losing interest and would raise his hand when he heard the beep about every third beep.  I know Bennett can hear, he actually had a hearing test at school and passed.  His attention span at this point in the appointment was wandering.  They said it is normal at this age for them to not do the entire hearing test and we can try again next year!

I had prepared him for the fact he had to get shots at his appointment, but I never mentioned that the doctor would have to examine him first.  He was not a happy camper when the doctor examined him.  Then the nurse came in to give him his shots and he didn't even flinch.  I guess you never know what to expect from a 4 year old because I expected him to be upset with the shots and not the examination.

Here are Bennett's stats:
Weight: 41 lbs 85%
Height: 40 3/4 in 61%

Walker had his 18 month well check this week.  He has grown almost 3 inches in 3 months!  He is finally evening out on his height/weight ratio.  His appointment was really easy because this check up required no shots!!  We got in and out pain free and Walker thought it was all fun and games!

Here are Walker's stats:
Weight: 27.4 lbs 87%
Height: 33 in 71%

His height percentage at 15 months was 25% so he has really grown!

We are really lucky to have two such healthy boys.