Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Day!

Yesterday we played hookie from church and decided to have a fun family day.  Jeremy thought it would be a good idea to head up to Dahlonega for something different to do.  The last time we went up there I was actually pregnant with Bennett.  I joked with Jeremy yesterday that I guess every time I am pregnant we need to make the trip up there.  It is a cute little town with fun stores and restaurants and we figured Bennett would have a good time.

Eating his first biscuit!

We stopped off a yummy restaurant when we got there for a late breakfast and I ordered Bennett his first biscuit.  After our breakfast we headed over to the General Store and picked up local honey, jelly, and some other goodies.  After that we walked around and picked up a few other fun things then grabbed lunch.  It was a really nice way to spend the day as a family of 3 since in the next few weeks we won't have this chance again.  

Later that day we grilled out and had dinner then pulled out watermelon for dessert.  Bennett really enjoys watermelon and was covered in juice.  He really was covered almost head to toe! 

Yummy watermelon!!

Such a mess!!

We have things planned every weekend until the baby's due date.  Of course if he comes early we will have different plans and that is fine by me!  Just crazy to think in less then a month he should be here!!! Until then I am soaking up our time as just the 3 of us.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day!!

Bennett and I had a great weekend celebrating Jeremy and what a wonderful Dad he is!  He really is an amazing dad to Bennett and I know he will have no problems juggling his second little boy once he arrives.  He does such a great job of being a loving, compassionate, and playful dad and is still a great disciplinarian.  Bennett and baby #2 are very lucky to have such a great dad to look up to and to model themselves after.  I am also very lucky to have such a great partner in this parenting thing since we are pretty much learning as we go!

Patty had to get in the picture too :)

Happy Father's Day Jeremy!!!  Bennett and I hope you had a great day!  We love you more then anything!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Going Green

I don't mean going green in the sense of being really environmental we are going green in the way we eat.  I have griped a good bit about Bennett's picky eating habits.  It really frustrates me, we started him very young offering fruits, vegetables and very healthy food and he ate them like a champ then sadly he stopped.  He is good with fruit, honestly I can't really complain about his intake of fruit.  He doesn't always eat as much of it as I would like but he will eat it.  In my attempt to increase his vegetable intake and get more fruit in him I started making green smoothies.  They are actually really good, I was a bit skeptical at first thinking is a smoothie really going to taste good if it is full of spinach and kale.  Luckily it really does taste good and Bennett loves them!!!  I now make them every morning for me and him and he sucks them down.  He even watches me make them and sees the spinach or the kale going in and he still wants to drink it, so I don't really have to hide anything while I make them for us.  Now I feel better knowing he is getting a good healthy portion of fresh vegetables and fruit with no added junk!  It is good for me too it isn't like I get a good portion of greens in my daily diet, so I need it too.  Jeremy had one the other morning and really liked it and said you really can't tell it is full of vegetables and he is a tough one to fool!

Enjoying his smoothie!

Hopefully one day Bennett will willingly eat vegetables so I don't have to hide them but for now I feel like I found a good solution.  I know if I put on a plate what I put in the smoothie there isn't any chance he would ever eat it or even go near the food.  Whoever came up with these green smoothies I owe you one!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2.5 years old and the beginning of the terrible twos!

Bennett is now officially 2.5.  He had his well check with the pediatrician yesterday and that was loads of fun...sense my sarcasm!?  Bennett hates going to the doctor and yesterday he didn't get one shot they literally just looked him over, weighed and measured him and you would have thought from his screaming that he was having his toenails ripped out one by one.  He had a death grip on me that was pretty impressive!  He is a strong little guy and it took me and the doctor to unclench his little hands from me.  Bennett is growing on track and is doing great developmentally so all that was good despite the drama.  He weighed in at 32.4 lbs and is 70% for weight his height is 75% but I don't know his actual height. I didn't get that stat because I had a clinging toddler attached to me screaming at a pitch only dogs could make out so I will have to find that out.

Now the terrible twos are knocking loudly on our door just in time for the baby to arrive!!  Bennett has always been fairly mild mannered.  Don't get me wrong he acts out, throws tantrums, and disobeys but for the most part he has been pretty easy to correct and discipline.  That is until this past weekend.  I am serious he turned 2.5 and my sweet little 2 year old turned into a mischievous and defiant little bugger!  He LOVES Patty I mean adores her but poor Patty has become the brunt of his aggression.  I sound like a broken record every day saying "Be Gentle!" or "We don't lay on the dog" etc.  Bennett also likes to think he can get out of timeout when he wants to get out so that has been a big lesson for him and his timeouts start over again when he does get out, so he has been spending a good bit of time there this week.  I will ask him to do something and I love it when his response is "No, sorry Mama", or he drops something or wants something so I tell him where it is and he says "No Mommy you get it" um excuse me!?  Did my 2 year old really just say that to me!?  Luckily the attitude is coming back down to a more manageable level the past couple of days and we will continue to work on it but I think we are in for a whole new world!

Here are some pictures of the rambunctious little cutie!

Making his fish face

So darn cute!  It is hard to stay mad at this face.

Sitting with Patty because he had to tell her he was sorry.  He said sorry then sang her the ABCs :)

Even though Bennett has a new found sass he still has his sweet side.  He loves reading his Big Brother book and asks to read it almost every day.  We talk about his brother a lot and he is really sweet about it.  He is also very clingy to me lately and I am assuming it is because he knows big changes are coming our way.  I am sure the transition with a new baby won't be easy but I doubt anyone has it easy when they bring a new baby into the family so we will figure all of it out as we go.  Speaking of the baby he has finally turned head down!!!!!!  I went to the doctor yesterday and I felt like he might be head down but at times felt like he was transverse again.  She thought he was head down too but was a bit confused by his position so she pulled in the ultrasound machine really quick so we could take a peek and sure enough he is head down.  He still has enough room to move his legs and the rest of his body around so he is still all over the place which is why I thought at times he was still transverse.  She said soon he will run out of room and will be staying put a bit more but that since he is head down now that he should be there to stay.  I am so relieved to know he has finally moved.  Now we just need to finish getting ready for his arrival and soon enough he will be here!  I cannot wait!!!!

Bennett's sweet little hand on my belly.  He was watching a show on my iPad and just rested his hand on my belly.  The tantrums are worth it :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trip to the Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my friend Leanne and her two kids Collins and Drew.  Drew is 5 months old so he was a little trooper and just hung out in his car seat while Bennett and Collins checked all of the animals out.  Bennett and Collins had a great time and loved seeing everything especially the monkeys!

Looking at the lion who was taking a good nap

Sweet Collins


Finding leaves

Watching the pandas

Collins going in for a hug :)

Checking out the kangaroos

Worn out from a fun day!!

It was a really fun day and I am so glad we were able to go!

Baby Shower

My sister, sister in law, and one of my best friends threw me a baby shower on Sunday.  It was such a fun day and they did so much to make everything so special for me.  I felt bad even having a shower since I am having another boy and Bennett and the baby aren't that far apart in age, but my sister insisted that every baby deserves to be celebrated and I am so thankful that she did because it really was nice getting some new things for the baby and celebrating his arrival!

Precious onesies for the baby

The adorable cupcakes that are made to look like rattles

The yummy food!!!

Some of the sweet gifts!  I love how tiny everything is!

Baby's sweet going home outfit.  I cannot wait to put him in this!

Me and my friend Stefani.  She is due with her second little boy next week and we couldn't hug goodbye because our bellies were in the way!

I am so thankful to all of my sweet friends and family for making the shower so fun and special.  I can't wait for the baby to get here and use all of his new stuff!  He is all set now!  Just 6 more weeks, give or take before his arrival!!