Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Day!

Yesterday we played hookie from church and decided to have a fun family day.  Jeremy thought it would be a good idea to head up to Dahlonega for something different to do.  The last time we went up there I was actually pregnant with Bennett.  I joked with Jeremy yesterday that I guess every time I am pregnant we need to make the trip up there.  It is a cute little town with fun stores and restaurants and we figured Bennett would have a good time.

Eating his first biscuit!

We stopped off a yummy restaurant when we got there for a late breakfast and I ordered Bennett his first biscuit.  After our breakfast we headed over to the General Store and picked up local honey, jelly, and some other goodies.  After that we walked around and picked up a few other fun things then grabbed lunch.  It was a really nice way to spend the day as a family of 3 since in the next few weeks we won't have this chance again.  

Later that day we grilled out and had dinner then pulled out watermelon for dessert.  Bennett really enjoys watermelon and was covered in juice.  He really was covered almost head to toe! 

Yummy watermelon!!

Such a mess!!

We have things planned every weekend until the baby's due date.  Of course if he comes early we will have different plans and that is fine by me!  Just crazy to think in less then a month he should be here!!! Until then I am soaking up our time as just the 3 of us.

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