Thursday, June 14, 2012

Going Green

I don't mean going green in the sense of being really environmental we are going green in the way we eat.  I have griped a good bit about Bennett's picky eating habits.  It really frustrates me, we started him very young offering fruits, vegetables and very healthy food and he ate them like a champ then sadly he stopped.  He is good with fruit, honestly I can't really complain about his intake of fruit.  He doesn't always eat as much of it as I would like but he will eat it.  In my attempt to increase his vegetable intake and get more fruit in him I started making green smoothies.  They are actually really good, I was a bit skeptical at first thinking is a smoothie really going to taste good if it is full of spinach and kale.  Luckily it really does taste good and Bennett loves them!!!  I now make them every morning for me and him and he sucks them down.  He even watches me make them and sees the spinach or the kale going in and he still wants to drink it, so I don't really have to hide anything while I make them for us.  Now I feel better knowing he is getting a good healthy portion of fresh vegetables and fruit with no added junk!  It is good for me too it isn't like I get a good portion of greens in my daily diet, so I need it too.  Jeremy had one the other morning and really liked it and said you really can't tell it is full of vegetables and he is a tough one to fool!

Enjoying his smoothie!

Hopefully one day Bennett will willingly eat vegetables so I don't have to hide them but for now I feel like I found a good solution.  I know if I put on a plate what I put in the smoothie there isn't any chance he would ever eat it or even go near the food.  Whoever came up with these green smoothies I owe you one!!!

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