Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 Months Old!!

My little Walker is growing up so fast.  I can't believe he is already 7 months old.  In just a few months I will need to start planning his 1st birthday!  How in the world is that possible!?

Walker is just the happiest baby and goes with the flow.  He rarely cries at all, only if he is really tired or hungry.  He will still fall asleep on us which I love!  He is the best little snuggler and I hope he stays this way for a long time.

He started rolling from back to tummy and is showing no signs of crawling yet which is fine by me.  The jumperoo is his favorite toy, he loves to jump!!!  Even when he isn't in his jumper he is still kicking his legs like he is jumping.  He is doing great sitting up on his own and loves to sit and explore all of his toys especially if his big brother is playing with him.  He loves Bennett and the feeling is mutual.  I can not go get Walker up from his crib unless Bennett is with me.  When Walker is napping Bennett will ask over and over "Where is Walker" and he will keep telling me to go get him.   I love seeing their bond starting to grow.

Such a big boy!

My sweet 7 month old

Since Walker was just weighed a couple of weeks ago I am assuming he is still around 20 lbs.  He wears 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes.  He fits perfectly in the 6-9 month clothes since he is on the short side, sometimes 12 month pants are just too long for his little legs.  He has moved up in to size 4 diapers  recently.  

He is also a great eater and has yet to turn his nose up to any baby food I have offered him.  We got through all of the stage one foods and are now trying out stage two.  

I am so lucky to have such a happy, easy going baby!  Walker we love you so so much!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We had a nice Valentine's Day.  Bennett had school so he got to have a fun party with his class and they all exchanged Valentines.  Bennett's best buddy is Kennedy and he is so lucky to have her in his class this year.  My friend Hether dropped off Kennedy yesterday morning and all of the kids were lining up to go to PE and she saw Bennett hold out his hand to Kennedy and they grabbed hands and headed off to PE together.  I think it is safe to say Kennedy was Bennett's Valentine yesterday!  I just love that he held out his hand for her.  My sweet boy isn't the most affectionate.  He will occasionally hug or kiss me for no reason but I usually have to ask so it made me so happy when Hether told me how he wanted to hold her hand.  He loves his Kennedy!

Sweet friends!

After I got Bennett home from school we went through all of his Valentines from school and he helped me make dinner and dessert for Jeremy.

Bennett got bubbles at school and said he was cleaning the floor with them but he had to wear my shoes to "clean"

2 of my sweet Valentines!

Walker's first Valentine's Day!!

Once Jeremy got home from work we exchanged cards and gave the boys a little gift.  Then we enjoyed a nice dinner and relaxed for the rest of the night after the boys went to bed.  It was a fun day with my 3 favorite people in the world!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 Month Stats

Walker had his 6 month well check yesterday.  He received a great report from his pediatrician and he is doing great! He charmed a couple of nurses while we were there.  Walker loves to smile and laugh at people so he showed the nurses just how cute he can be, until they gave him his shots then he was just pitiful.  I can't blame him though if I had to get 3 shots in my legs I wouldn't be happy either.  He is growing and developing like he should, so I was happy to hear my sweet boy is a healthy little guy!

Weight: 20 lbs--84%
Height: 26 3/4 in--40%

Walker is still short and chubby but he couldn't be any cuter!  His weight has slowed down so soon it should equal out a bit more but until then I am going to enjoy his chubby thighs and all of his rolls!

Waiting to eat some food!!

He loves to eat!

Walker LOVES Bennett!  

So close to rolling from back to tummy

Such a big boy!

Love my little munchkin!

Walker is just the sweetest little baby!  His face lights up when he sees me, Jeremy or Bennett.  Bennett can get the best laugh out of Walker.  I love seeing their relationship grow, it is the best thing in the world watching them interact with one another.  I love my boys!