Wednesday, February 6, 2013

6 Month Stats

Walker had his 6 month well check yesterday.  He received a great report from his pediatrician and he is doing great! He charmed a couple of nurses while we were there.  Walker loves to smile and laugh at people so he showed the nurses just how cute he can be, until they gave him his shots then he was just pitiful.  I can't blame him though if I had to get 3 shots in my legs I wouldn't be happy either.  He is growing and developing like he should, so I was happy to hear my sweet boy is a healthy little guy!

Weight: 20 lbs--84%
Height: 26 3/4 in--40%

Walker is still short and chubby but he couldn't be any cuter!  His weight has slowed down so soon it should equal out a bit more but until then I am going to enjoy his chubby thighs and all of his rolls!

Waiting to eat some food!!

He loves to eat!

Walker LOVES Bennett!  

So close to rolling from back to tummy

Such a big boy!

Love my little munchkin!

Walker is just the sweetest little baby!  His face lights up when he sees me, Jeremy or Bennett.  Bennett can get the best laugh out of Walker.  I love seeing their relationship grow, it is the best thing in the world watching them interact with one another.  I love my boys!

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