Monday, August 29, 2011

Cousin Love

We had a fun playdate with Ryan and Ella today.  Bennett really loves playing with the two of them, and they always have so much fun together!

Ryan looking out the window and Bennett and Ella trying to see

Cutie Pie Ella!

Running around playing

Bennett gets upset every time they leave to go home.  He always stands by the door and watches them until the car is out of the driveway.

Wondering where they are going

So Sad :(

Good thing they live a few miles from us so we can have another playdate very soon!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bennett's First Beach Trip

We just got back from the beach with Gigi and Papa Daddy.  It was such a fun trip!  Bennett had so much fun and he loved the ocean.  He didn't love the sand on his hands or feet but we would fill up his buckets with water and he would just dip his hands and feet in to rinse them off then he would go back to digging in the sand.  The first few days we spent our time with Bennett on the beach but the last couple of days we did the beach for a short time then we would go to the pool with him. Bennett really loved the pool.  He started going under water and loved it when we would throw him up in the air. One of the guests by the pool made a comment about how fearless Bennett was and it was true. It was tiring loading up to head to the beach everyday so it was so nice having two extra sets of hands to help out.  Gigi and Papa Daddy also volunteered to stay in the condo every afternoon while Bennett napped.  This gave Jeremy and I the chance to relax by the pool every day for a couple of hours!  Once Bennett was up we would all get ready and head out to dinner.  We found some very good places to eat and had some yummy seafood!  After dinner we would go back to get Bennett ready for bed and down for the night.  Again Gigi and Papa Daddy stayed in the condo with Bennett, so Jeremy and I got some time to ourselves every night.  We went shopping, grabbed drinks, walked on the beach, and just enjoyed some alone time.  It made the trip that much better since we got so much time together. 

First morning at the beach and very excited about the water!

Loaded up with sunscreen and ready to go

First time in the ocean

Beach bum!

He had fun digging in the sand!

Jeremy and me

Fun at the pool

Our family :)

Riding the carousel. Hated it at first but loved it by the time it was over!

Jeremy and Bennett in the ocean

Me and Bennett by the ocean (I am a bit afraid of the ocean)

Eating lunch by the pool

Gigi and Bennett

Looking at the boats...He was saying Whoa!

Me and my boy

Papa Daddy and Bennett

Our beautiful view! Paradise!

Now we are home and it is back to reality.  I have piles of laundry to get done and we are trying to get the house back in order.  I am already looking forward to our beach trip next year.  Thanks again Gigi and Papa Daddy for such a fun trip!  We had a wonderful time and I think it is safe to say Bennett had the best time!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First day of preschool

Bennett's first day of preschool was a huge success!!!  My morning started out with A LOT of tears and anxiety about the day.  When we got to school he was fine and had no problems going into his classroom.  He did get upset when the teacher's assistant picked him up to wash his hands (they do that to every child when they first get there), which surprised me because he loves to have his hands washed but I think it threw him off to have a stranger pick him up.  He calmed down fast and started to play so Jeremy and I snuck out very fast.  The teachers told us if a child would not calm down after the first hour they call the parents to come pick them up.  After an hour and a half with not hearing from anyone I finally felt good about it and figured no news is good news.

Walking up to school

Heading inside with Daddy

In his classroom

Washing hands with Ms. Jamie while screaming his head off!

Playing with Ms. Jane

When I went in to pick Bennett up he was sitting in Ms. Jaime's lap.  She told me he was her buddy today and that he laughed while they play outside, especially while he was swinging.  I was also told he was the best eater of the class and that he ate his entire lunch (not surprising).  The only time he cried was right before lunch, but all the kids were crying at that point.  Both Ms. Jane and Ms. Jaime said he was a delight and so much fun.  I am so proud of Bennett for having fun and making it through his first day of school.  I am very excited for this year to see how much he will grow and learn from this.   

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Open House

This morning I took Bennett to school so we could meet his teacher for the year.  She is very sweet and so is the teacher assistant.  His classroom is really cute and Bennett got his bag and folder for the year.  We also got to see his assigned hook where he will hang his bag every day and a spot to show off his artwork throughout the year.  I have to admit as soon as I walked in and saw his name I got teary eyed.  I know this is our choice to send him to school, but I just can't believe he is really going to start school this Thursday!  He seemed to have fun in his classroom and played with all the toys.  Bennett is very shy at first so the teachers kept saying what a sweet little boy he is, lets just hope it stays that way.  After we left I cried a little bit ok a lot, but I know he will love school and that this will be good for him.  I can only imagine how I will feel on Thursday and I am sure I will be crying like a baby until I get to go pick him up!

Ryan goes to the same school and his class is right down the hall.  We went in to say Hi and Bennett got a chance to play with Ryan and Ella.  I didn't get any pictures of Bennett in his classroom all of these are in Ryan's room.  I am glad Ryan will be there so he can watch out for his little cousin!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pop Pop's Birthday

My day started out pretty crummy!  I was getting ready for church and just needed to run the iron over my clothes really quick. Instead of pulling out the ironing board I just ironed on the floor of our closet and as a result of my laziness I burned myself.

Yes that is an imprint of the iron on my thigh!  Needless to say we didn't make it to church since I couldn't have clothes touching it.  This is going to look awesome when we go on our beach trip!

Luckily my day got better because we went over to celebrate my dad's birthday!  We had a fun night with lots of food and cake.  Bennett, Ryan, and Ella played non stop especially after the cake and ice cream they consumed.  My Uncle Bobby came into town for my dad's birthday so it was great seeing him.  I meant to get pictures with him and the kids too but with the chaos of 3 toddlers running around it is hard to get good pictures anymore!  It was a fun night with everyone.

Attempt 1 at getting all 3 cousins in a picture with Pop Pop

Attempt 2

I gave up and tried to get a good picture of Bennett and Pop Pop

He loves having chairs just his size

Happy Birthday Pop Pop!!  Since Pop Pop's birthday is officially tomorrow he will be hearing from us again soon :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cousin slumber party

Last night we got to have Ella spend the night!!  Her and Bennett love to play together so we enjoy having her over.  Poor Ryan had to have a CT scan early this morning which he had to be sedated for, so we kept Ella that way Lyndsay and Dallon could focus on Ryan.

Ella followed Bennett around every where he went


Pretty girl

Bennett was shocked and excited to see Elmo on TV so he covered up his mouth with his phone

I didn't get many good pictures of the two of them because they never stopped moving so it was next to impossible.  We had fun though and can't wait for the next cousin sleepover. Hopefully next time it isn't because someone needs a CT scan!

Monday, August 8, 2011

20 months

I cannot believe that Bennett is now 20 months!  This past year has gone by so much faster then last year and before I know it I will be sending out his 2nd birthday invitations.  This morning Bennett had fun with his yogurt and made quite a mess!

Finger painting with his yogurt at breakfast

Such a mess!!!!

Happy 20 month birthday sweet boy!