Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bennett's First Beach Trip

We just got back from the beach with Gigi and Papa Daddy.  It was such a fun trip!  Bennett had so much fun and he loved the ocean.  He didn't love the sand on his hands or feet but we would fill up his buckets with water and he would just dip his hands and feet in to rinse them off then he would go back to digging in the sand.  The first few days we spent our time with Bennett on the beach but the last couple of days we did the beach for a short time then we would go to the pool with him. Bennett really loved the pool.  He started going under water and loved it when we would throw him up in the air. One of the guests by the pool made a comment about how fearless Bennett was and it was true. It was tiring loading up to head to the beach everyday so it was so nice having two extra sets of hands to help out.  Gigi and Papa Daddy also volunteered to stay in the condo every afternoon while Bennett napped.  This gave Jeremy and I the chance to relax by the pool every day for a couple of hours!  Once Bennett was up we would all get ready and head out to dinner.  We found some very good places to eat and had some yummy seafood!  After dinner we would go back to get Bennett ready for bed and down for the night.  Again Gigi and Papa Daddy stayed in the condo with Bennett, so Jeremy and I got some time to ourselves every night.  We went shopping, grabbed drinks, walked on the beach, and just enjoyed some alone time.  It made the trip that much better since we got so much time together. 

First morning at the beach and very excited about the water!

Loaded up with sunscreen and ready to go

First time in the ocean

Beach bum!

He had fun digging in the sand!

Jeremy and me

Fun at the pool

Our family :)

Riding the carousel. Hated it at first but loved it by the time it was over!

Jeremy and Bennett in the ocean

Me and Bennett by the ocean (I am a bit afraid of the ocean)

Eating lunch by the pool

Gigi and Bennett

Looking at the boats...He was saying Whoa!

Me and my boy

Papa Daddy and Bennett

Our beautiful view! Paradise!

Now we are home and it is back to reality.  I have piles of laundry to get done and we are trying to get the house back in order.  I am already looking forward to our beach trip next year.  Thanks again Gigi and Papa Daddy for such a fun trip!  We had a wonderful time and I think it is safe to say Bennett had the best time!

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