Thursday, August 18, 2011

First day of preschool

Bennett's first day of preschool was a huge success!!!  My morning started out with A LOT of tears and anxiety about the day.  When we got to school he was fine and had no problems going into his classroom.  He did get upset when the teacher's assistant picked him up to wash his hands (they do that to every child when they first get there), which surprised me because he loves to have his hands washed but I think it threw him off to have a stranger pick him up.  He calmed down fast and started to play so Jeremy and I snuck out very fast.  The teachers told us if a child would not calm down after the first hour they call the parents to come pick them up.  After an hour and a half with not hearing from anyone I finally felt good about it and figured no news is good news.

Walking up to school

Heading inside with Daddy

In his classroom

Washing hands with Ms. Jamie while screaming his head off!

Playing with Ms. Jane

When I went in to pick Bennett up he was sitting in Ms. Jaime's lap.  She told me he was her buddy today and that he laughed while they play outside, especially while he was swinging.  I was also told he was the best eater of the class and that he ate his entire lunch (not surprising).  The only time he cried was right before lunch, but all the kids were crying at that point.  Both Ms. Jane and Ms. Jaime said he was a delight and so much fun.  I am so proud of Bennett for having fun and making it through his first day of school.  I am very excited for this year to see how much he will grow and learn from this.   

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