Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Open House

This morning I took Bennett to school so we could meet his teacher for the year.  She is very sweet and so is the teacher assistant.  His classroom is really cute and Bennett got his bag and folder for the year.  We also got to see his assigned hook where he will hang his bag every day and a spot to show off his artwork throughout the year.  I have to admit as soon as I walked in and saw his name I got teary eyed.  I know this is our choice to send him to school, but I just can't believe he is really going to start school this Thursday!  He seemed to have fun in his classroom and played with all the toys.  Bennett is very shy at first so the teachers kept saying what a sweet little boy he is, lets just hope it stays that way.  After we left I cried a little bit ok a lot, but I know he will love school and that this will be good for him.  I can only imagine how I will feel on Thursday and I am sure I will be crying like a baby until I get to go pick him up!

Ryan goes to the same school and his class is right down the hall.  We went in to say Hi and Bennett got a chance to play with Ryan and Ella.  I didn't get any pictures of Bennett in his classroom all of these are in Ryan's room.  I am glad Ryan will be there so he can watch out for his little cousin!

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