Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Lou Lou!

We had a great weekend and what made it so much fun was Saturday night we were finally able to celebrate Lou Lou's birthday!  She had been out of town the past two weekends so it was the first chance we had to all get together.  Pop Pop made a wonderful dinner and an amazing cake so we had a great dinner and the cousins had so much fun playing with each other.  I love getting together with my family it is always a good time and we have great entertainment provided by the little ones!

All three kiddos running around

This is how Bennett and Ella "kiss" they are too cute!

Seeing what is going on outside

Bennett pushed this chair up to the window and sat there for a while. (this chair is from my childhood and Bennett climbs into it every time he is over there)

Sunday was a low key day.  My alarm went off to get up for church and I was so tired I just turned it off thinking Bennett would be up soon and I would just get up then to get ready.  Bennett must have needed extra sleep too because he slept in which meant we all did, so no church for us.  Instead we took a walk in the morning but it was already too hot, we came right home and headed up to the pool to cool off!!!  I love summer but I am ready for cooler weather!!

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