Thursday, July 28, 2011

Growing up

My big boy hanging out this morning

Bennett is changing so much I really feel like these past few weeks he has turned into a big boy.  He is much more clear on asking for certain things and is picking up more words and tries harder to say a word back to us.  This morning my friend came over with her twin girls Madison and Emma and before they got here I kept saying their names and he said Emma, I think Madison was a little too hard for him but he still tried!  I also hear Mama or Mom literally at least 50 times a day.  The fact that he calls me Mom sometimes makes me laugh, I thought that wouldn't start for a few more years but it is really cute to hear his little voice say Mom.  He brings me books to read to him and when he wants me to read it again he does the sign for More instead of asking, so sweet!  He is also pulling on his diaper when it is dirty, so as soon as he is done with his business he lets me know that it is time for a new diaper!  When he is done eating he takes off his bib and will sometimes say all done, we are trying to get him to say it everytime. He has picked up a few new words.  He can say poo, Pop Pop, bubble, ball, cold, go, and cheese. I think there are a couple more but I am drawing a blank.  He also mimics us a lot more, he picks up the phone and says Hi then talks in jibberish, if we blow on his food he says hot and will blow too, he likes to "help" me clean he will imitate pretty much anything I am doing, he also puts his own dirty clothes in the hamper when we ask him to.  Bennett also recognizes places now.  When I pull in to Gymboree class he laughs everytime because he knows he gets to play, he knows my sister's house and my parents house, and when I pull into Target he yells Ball because of the red balls out in front (I guess that shows I go to Target too often).  When he wants me to follow him somewhere he just comes up to me and takes my hand then takes me to where he wants to go.  I am just amazed at how much he understands and how well he picks up on things.  He is growing up so fast and I can only imagine how much more he will learn and grow once he starts school!

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