Saturday, July 2, 2011

Zoo Trip

Yesterday we took Bennett to the zoo for the first time.  We got there right when it opened in order to get a good parking spot and to try and beat the heat.  Bennett really enjoyed himself and pointed to the animals and kept saying "awe" when he saw some cute little furry animals.  He didn't want to be in his stroller but he also couldn't keep up with the walking so Jeremy ended up carrying him for a good part of the trip.  It got too hot to carry him, so we had to strap Bennett down in the stroller while he pitched a fit, but luckily he got over it very quick!  I can't wait to take him back when he is a bit older and can understand it better.  Of course I don't want him to understand too much, we walked by these huge turtles on the way into the reptile exhibit and while we were there one turtle decided it was time to mate and boy are they loud about it...who knew turtles were loud!  I am so glad Bennett isn't at the age where he can ask me what they were doing to each other :)

Just walking into the zoo

Checking out the elephant!

Me and my sweet boy

Watching the bears hanging out in the sun

Saying "Awe" to the animals!

He really loved watching the pandas

Looking at the giraffes and zebras

Walking with Daddy

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