Monday, July 18, 2011


Nanny is what we call my mom to Bennett and his cousins.  My dad is Pop Pop because his grandfather was called that and my dad and mom were very close to Pop Pop and Nanny my dad's grandmother.  Since my mom isn't here to pick what she would want her grandkids to call her we decided she most likely would want to be called Nanny so her and my dad could be the next Nanny and Pop Pop.  I have pictures of my mom around the house and for the past week Bennett constantly goes to one picture and points to her and I tell him that is his Nanny.  This morning I asked him "Where is Nanny" to see if he could point her out and he went right over to her picture and waved.  It made me cry seeing him recognize his sweet grandma and made me even more sad that he will never have the honor of meeting her.  She would have been the best grandma and it breaks my heart that she doesn't get the chance to be here with her grandchildren and that they won't know her.  I can only imagine all of the wonderful things she would have instilled in Bennett and his cousins.  I am going to make sure I teach Bennett all about her and pass along the great lessons she left with me.

My beautiful mom in high school 

It makes me so happy that Bennett already knows who his Nanny is and I can't wait to share more about her with him.  I just hope I am half the mom to Bennett and our future kids and she was to me and my sister.

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