Monday, April 22, 2013

9 Months Old!!

Another month has flown by and sweet Walker is now 9 months old!  He had his well check last week and we still have our short, chubby little guy.

9 month stats:
21.5 lbs---78%
27 5/8 in--22%

He had a good check up and will not go back until he is 1!  Cannot believe he is getting close to his first birthday already!!

Walker is still in 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes, size 4 diapers, and he still sleeps and eats like a champ.  He is doing great with food and can now feed himself puffs and he loves Mum Mum crackers.  I just started feeding him peas to try and get him more used to feeding himself and eating real food instead of baby food.  I am going to slowly continue introducing him to more food so we don't have to use as much baby food now that he has 2 teeth and is doing well eating.

He had not figured out how to crawl yet.  He rocks back and forth and will move one knee forward then he just throws his whole body forward to get to what he wants.  He is very mobile without crawling and it is just a matter of time before he figures it out and is really on the move.

Trying to crawl

Sweet 9 month old

Last week we decided to put Walker in the bath at the same time as Bennett.  We used to bathe Walker in his baby tub then get him out and start a bath for Bennett.  Now that Walker can sit up so well and is bigger we thought it would be more fun for the two of them to get a bath at the same time.  Bennett and Walker both LOVED bath time.  I pulled Walker out the first time and he got so mad.  He screamed for a few minutes, so the next time we kept him in there longer and got them out at the same time.  He still got mad but didn't stay mad too long.  I love seeing them having so much fun playing together!!

First time in the bath like a big boy!

My babies!!

Walker adores Bennett and Bennett adores him right back.  I don't think there is anything better then seeing your kids bond and grow in their relationship as brothers.  I love them both so much and can't get over how fast they are growing up.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013

Even though Easter was over a week ago I am finally getting time to write about what we did.  After Walker had the stomach bug and I really thought we were in the clear but boy was I wrong!  Bennett came down with it Friday evening after Walker so he was down and out the weekend before Easter.  I just kept thinking if Jeremy or I are going to get it I just wanted to get it and be done with it.  Days went by and we were all fine so I figured we were past the sickness.  Unfortunately for me Thursday I got sick.  I slept all day Friday and got 11 hours of sleep that night.  I woke up Saturday feeling like a new person so thankfully we were able to go on with our Easter plans for the weekend.

Saturday we headed up to Jeremy's parents house to spend the day with them.  It was a fun day and Bennett and Carder were able to do an Easter egg hunt and play outside since the weather was beautiful.

My little bunny!

Sweet little Carder!  She lost her pants after a messy lunch :)

Playing with trucks

Finding his eggs!

After a fun day we headed home and our plans for Easter Sunday changed a bit.  Poor Ryan came down with the stomach bug late Friday night.  We all had plans to go over to my sister's house after church but decided that wouldn't be a good idea just in case Ryan was still contagious or if anyone else in their house came down with it so we decided to push our plans to Wednesday. 

We still went by to have a quick lunch with my dad Sunday and since it turned out to be such a rainy gross day we spent the rest of the day at home and finally got around to dying our eggs.  I meant to do that with Bennett on Friday but since I was still feeling sick and we were gone all day Saturday we didn't get to it until Sunday.  In the middle of the night Sunday Jeremy started to feel sick so he was down for the count Monday.  By that point I felt like we were never going to get rid of this nasty bug!

The boys Easter baskets

Bennett checking out all of his goodies!

My always happy boy!

My babies!!

Dying our eggs

Putting stickers all over them

Luckily on Wednesday everyone was finally healthy and we went to my sister's house and celebrated Easter with my family a few days late.  Lyndsay and Dallon set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids outside and they had so much fun playing with each other. 

Opening their gifts from Pop Pop

Wearing his new sunglasses

Princess Ella modeling her glasses!

Finding eggs!

Ryan found his eggs in 2 minutes!  He is so fast!

The princess :)

Other then a lot of us being sick Easter still turned out to be great.  The weekend didn't go exactly as planned but all that stuff doesn't matter anyway.  Easter is to celebrate our Risen Savior and that can be done sick or well.  I am glad we were still able to see all of our family though and that the stomach bug has left our house hopefully for good!!!