Monday, February 20, 2012

Smart Boy

Bennett just got this new play phone that helps him learn his numbers.  He learned 2 new numbers today by just playing with it.  He is also so close to knowing all of the letters in the alphabet.  We go over them a good bit but he has picked up the letters so fast.  Tonight he was playing with letters we have on a magnetic board in his playroom and he would point to the letters and tell me what they were.  I am so impressed with how quickly he learns new things!

The play phone he got he has been carrying around all day and he was cracking me up earlier because he was having conversations on his phone.  He told me he was talking to Dada and Lou Lou.

I love that he kept his leg propped up the entire time

Going in the other room.  I guess he needed privacy for his conversation :)

I love seeing Bennett learn more everyday.  It is amazing how much a 2 year old can grasp!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a nice Valentine's Day this year.  Bennett had school so he gave out Valentine's to his class and got some cute ones back.  Jeremy and I decided to have dinner at home after Bennett went to bed.  It was nice actually cooking again.  I literally haven't cooked a good dinner since early December.  I guess I need to get back on the ball!  After Bennett was asleep Jeremy and I enjoyed our dinner in peace and had a low key night.  The weekend before and after Valentine's Day we have things going on that kept us from going out to celebrate, but honestly I don't mind.  A quiet night at home it just fine with me especially since it meant we didn't have to fight the crowds!

Checking out the Valentine's he is going to give away to his class

Ready to go with his Valentines!

Helping me bake brownies for Daddy

Eating a lollipop from one of his Valentines he got from school

Opening his gift from Jeremy and me

It was a really nice day and I had a great time spending it with my 2 favorite boys.  It made the day that much better knowing that we have another little boy on the way!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Surprise!

I am impatient and love surprises but love snooping for my surprises.  You following me...if you buy me a gift I will try and find it :)  Jeremy knows to keep things far out of my reach!  So my need to know things makes it very hard not being able to know whether our baby is a boy or a girl.  I sometimes wish there was a little window on my belly so I could peek in and see what is going on. I have mentioned to Jeremy a few times that we should just go to one of those 3D places and pay to find out the baby's gender early and he wasn't as eager as I was to run out so we could find out before our 20 week appointment.

Yesterday I woke up and just thought I could go get an ultrasound have the person write it down in an envelope and then I could give it to Jeremy for Valentine's Day and we could find out together in a fun way if the baby is a boy or a girl.  So yesterday I called and they had one appointment left yesterday so I took it!  Bennett and I loaded up to get the ultrasound and I got to see the baby and so did Bennett.  It was fun to see Bennett's reaction!  When she was looking at the gender I just had to look away which was SO hard.  I really wanted to peek but I let her type out the results and print out the picture.  Jeremy had no idea I did this so it was hard keeping it a secret and especially knowing I needed to wait until today.  My plan changed a bit because as soon as Jeremy walked in the door from work last night I told him what I did and he was so excited he had to open the envelope.  Honestly I am surprised I waited that long because I really wanted to open the envelope myself as soon as it was handed to me!  He looked first and made me guess.  I guessed boy and I was right!!!!!!  Baby #2 is another sweet BOY!  We are so excited. If I could have picked for Bennett I would have picked a boy.  I am really happy he gets a brother.  I pray they are so close and grow up to be best friends.  Now to picking out a name.  We didn't name Bennett until he was born, we had 3 names we liked but couldn't decide and I have a feeling it will be like that again.  Here's to being outnumbered by boys!  Should be fun!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conversations with Bennett

It is so much fun now that Bennett can actually have conversations with us.  They aren't in depth or anything but I am loving how interactive he is with us now.  Today he told me they had a cookie at school and that the cookie was yummy.  They had a birthday party in his class today and I loved hearing him tell me about his favorite part which of course was the cookie!  He loves to point out things to us and he follows up anything he points out with "see it?" or he will keep repeating himself until you acknowledge that you see what he is showing you.  If Jeremy or I run into something or seem to have hurt ourselves he comes over to pat our boo boo and asks us if we are ok.  It is really sweet!  I love all the things he is saying to us with a few exceptions.  Hearing "NO!" and "Mine!" are getting a bit old :)

After I dropped Bennett off at school today I headed to the doctor for my 16 week check up.  The baby's heartbeat sounded great and I got an A+ report from my doctor!  All good news and so far everything is healthy with the baby so we are praying it stays that way.

Today was another gorgeous day!  After I picked Bennett up from school and he had his nap we played outside and enjoyed the warm weather.

Anytime he hears a car or a truck he runs to the fence to see it

Showing me the "airplane in sky" then of course asked "see it?"

Since it is supposed to rain this weekend I guess we won't be outside as much as we would like so we are planning to work more on Bennett's big boy room!