Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Surprise!

I am impatient and love surprises but love snooping for my surprises.  You following me...if you buy me a gift I will try and find it :)  Jeremy knows to keep things far out of my reach!  So my need to know things makes it very hard not being able to know whether our baby is a boy or a girl.  I sometimes wish there was a little window on my belly so I could peek in and see what is going on. I have mentioned to Jeremy a few times that we should just go to one of those 3D places and pay to find out the baby's gender early and he wasn't as eager as I was to run out so we could find out before our 20 week appointment.

Yesterday I woke up and just thought I could go get an ultrasound have the person write it down in an envelope and then I could give it to Jeremy for Valentine's Day and we could find out together in a fun way if the baby is a boy or a girl.  So yesterday I called and they had one appointment left yesterday so I took it!  Bennett and I loaded up to get the ultrasound and I got to see the baby and so did Bennett.  It was fun to see Bennett's reaction!  When she was looking at the gender I just had to look away which was SO hard.  I really wanted to peek but I let her type out the results and print out the picture.  Jeremy had no idea I did this so it was hard keeping it a secret and especially knowing I needed to wait until today.  My plan changed a bit because as soon as Jeremy walked in the door from work last night I told him what I did and he was so excited he had to open the envelope.  Honestly I am surprised I waited that long because I really wanted to open the envelope myself as soon as it was handed to me!  He looked first and made me guess.  I guessed boy and I was right!!!!!!  Baby #2 is another sweet BOY!  We are so excited. If I could have picked for Bennett I would have picked a boy.  I am really happy he gets a brother.  I pray they are so close and grow up to be best friends.  Now to picking out a name.  We didn't name Bennett until he was born, we had 3 names we liked but couldn't decide and I have a feeling it will be like that again.  Here's to being outnumbered by boys!  Should be fun!!

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