Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conversations with Bennett

It is so much fun now that Bennett can actually have conversations with us.  They aren't in depth or anything but I am loving how interactive he is with us now.  Today he told me they had a cookie at school and that the cookie was yummy.  They had a birthday party in his class today and I loved hearing him tell me about his favorite part which of course was the cookie!  He loves to point out things to us and he follows up anything he points out with "see it?" or he will keep repeating himself until you acknowledge that you see what he is showing you.  If Jeremy or I run into something or seem to have hurt ourselves he comes over to pat our boo boo and asks us if we are ok.  It is really sweet!  I love all the things he is saying to us with a few exceptions.  Hearing "NO!" and "Mine!" are getting a bit old :)

After I dropped Bennett off at school today I headed to the doctor for my 16 week check up.  The baby's heartbeat sounded great and I got an A+ report from my doctor!  All good news and so far everything is healthy with the baby so we are praying it stays that way.

Today was another gorgeous day!  After I picked Bennett up from school and he had his nap we played outside and enjoyed the warm weather.

Anytime he hears a car or a truck he runs to the fence to see it

Showing me the "airplane in sky" then of course asked "see it?"

Since it is supposed to rain this weekend I guess we won't be outside as much as we would like so we are planning to work more on Bennett's big boy room!

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