Monday, January 30, 2012

Outside Fun!

We have been enjoying this warm weather this winter.  Bennett and I go on a walk every afternoon if it is warm enough and this weekend we were able to all get outside and play.  Bennett loves all the extra outdoor time and I am enjoying it because I am getting in some exercise which I am trying to keep up with this pregnancy!

I am also very excited because we got a lot done this weekend for Bennett's new big boy room.  We found a bed we love for him and we have narrowed down the bedding we are going to get him.  Once I decide we are going to get everything ordered for him.  We picked up some paint samples yesterday and I like one of them but I am not sure what exactly I want yet.  I am so excited about his room and cannot wait to get everything together.  Bennett's nursery is green so the new baby will just take that room and I won't get to repaint and if Baby #2 is a boy he will just get an exact repeat of Bennett's nursery.  If the baby is a girl I will make the room more girly and get new crib bedding, so Bennett's new room is my only chance to decorate an entire room so I am really looking forward to it.  We keep asking Bennett if he wants a big boy room and a big boy bed and he says no.  I told him the baby needs his crib and if he will let the baby have his crib and he of course says no.  Hopefully he will be more interested in his big boy room when it is all set up!  

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