Monday, January 9, 2012

My 2 year old!

I have been meaning to write this since Bennett turned 2 last month.  Shows how on the ball I am!  Anyway I just want to document some things about him and what he is up to these days.  We went to the pediatrician for his well check and he weighed in at 29.8 lbs 80% and is 34 1/2 inches tall 50%.  I knew he was getting a lot heavier  and he is getting way to heavy for me to carry anymore.  Bennett is talking a lot more lately and repeating a lot more of what we say.  The other day at school his teachers told me he talked up a storm to them all day which made me happy.  He talks a lot to Jeremy and I but when he is around other people he is a lot more quiet and reserved.  He can count to 3 and is recognizing some numbers and he is learning his shapes too.  We are working on our colors and ABCs now too.  His favorite mode of transportation is running!  I rarely see him walk he literally runs all day long and his favorite game to play is chase.  He will come get me or Jeremy and tell us to come on so we will chase him around then he falls down so we will tickle him.  He LOVES our dogs unfortunately the love is not reciprocated back to him.  He is becoming a bit too rough for them and we are teaching him to be gentle but he isn't quite getting it.  He also likes to tell the dogs no if they are doing something wrong and he will yell at Alice when she barks and say "Alice Hush!!!" it is really funny!

Laying on Patty, doesn't Patty look thrilled!

He loves Patty so much!

He is stubborn (I have no idea where he got that from) and can cop quite an attitude but most of the time he is so sweet.  I have to say this age is fun most of the time and I am enjoying Bennett so much.  He is still a very picky eater and some days will only eat one good meal, but my pediatrician assured me that is ok and he will eat when he is hungry.  I am hoping he outgrows this soon and will start eating a better variety of food.  We just love our little 2 year old so much and it is fun seeing him learning so much and turning into a big boy!

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