Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Baby did it!

Bennett had a scratch on his nose so I asked him how he scratched it.  First he tells me Patty did it, so then I asked him again to see if I would get the same answer and he then told me the baby did it.  Sneaky baby!  Later in the week he was talking so whiny so I asked him why he was whining and he told me it was because of the baby!  Poor baby is being blamed for things by his big brother and I am sure this will go on for a long time!  Bennett is being so cute though he pats my stomach and says "Hi baby" and will point to it at random times throughout the day.  Should be funny to see his reaction to it once I actually have a big belly.

I am definitely starting to feel a lot better and this is one demanding baby as far as food cravings.  I am obsessed with anything citrus right now!  I go through a carton of those Cuties oranges a week and drink lots of orange, grapefruit, and other citrus juice.  I literally cannot get enough.  This is my biggest craving so far and I definitely have more but I can't go a day with out having some type of citrus.  I guess it could be worse and I could be craving a bag of potato chips so at least baby wants one healthy thing.

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