Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving this year!  We started off our day heading up to Jeremy's parents house to spend the morning with them and eat lunch.  Bennett had a lot of fun playing with Gigi, Papa Daddy, and Mema. He played a lot outside while all of the men fried the turkeys and came in with his pants covered in mud and grass stains, so I know he had fun.  Once he came inside he was very interested in what Carder was doing.  Bennett had lots of kisses for Carder and was so sweet with her.  Then of course we ate way too much but how can you not when you have so much good food to eat.  We celebrated Gigi's birthday too since her birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year.

Drinking out of his new Thomas cup Gigi bought him

Bennett and Carder, they are so cute!

Helping Carder out with her bouncy toy

We left their house to head back to my dad's house for Thanksgiving number 2!  Bennett slept for maybe 30 minutes in the car on our way back.  Luckily that was enough sleep for him to keep going the rest of the day.  We enjoyed being able to see both families and eat a ton of yummy food!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Tree Lighting

Tonight we went to a Christmas Tree Lighting and got the chance to see Santa!  Santa rode through on a horse drawn carriage, read to the kids, sang Jingle Bells, then lit the tree.  We went with Lyndsay, Dallon, Ryan, and Ella.  Ryan loved seeing Santa.  Ella and Bennett didn't quite get what was going on.  Bennett just wanted to run around and had no interest in sitting still or being held to watch.  Maybe next year he will want to see Santa!
The boys

All 3 kiddos

Running around

Ella hanging out on her dad's shoulders

Jeremy and Bennett

Me and Bennett, can't you tell how happy he is to be held!

Marching Band

Pretty girl!


The tree all lit up


It was a fun night even though it was very cold!  Hopefully when we take Bennett to see Santa next month he will be more excited.  I have a feeling his reaction will be more like it was last year which means screaming and lots of tears!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a week!!

This week has been a busy one.  I am actually glad Bennett doesn't have school next week and we will have some more time to take it easy.  I have been loving all of the crafts Bennett has been making at school lately.  They are making the cutest things for Thanksgiving and I have them all displayed in our kitchen.  Bennett goes up to the turkeys and calls them "kurkeys", pretty cute.  Today they made cute hats and he had to wear his out of school.  Of course when I wanted a picture of him with the hat on he kept taking it off!  Oh well!  I snuck one in after we ate dinner tonight.  Then we had to play cars and trains.  This is becoming something we play every night.

His cute hat!

Every night he lines up all of his cars and trains

Then he pushes all of them off

then picks them up and starts all over again!

Tomorrow is another busy day but should be a fun one!  Jeremy and I also have plans to go to dinner with friends so we are looking forward to a date night!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Every night before Bennett goes to bed we play in his room with his choo choo as he likes to call his train. We let him play for a while and wind down then get him ready for bed.  Then we pull down 3 books from his book shelf and let him pick out which book we will read to him.  His top favorites are Curious George, Clifford, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Cat in the Hat, or The Little Engine that Could.  Recently that has changed and he only wants George.  Tonight Jeremy pulled down 3 books and a couple of the options are usually a big hit, but Bennett looked up at his book case and said "George".  Looks like only George will do so we will have to make sure that one of his Curious George books is an option.

Bennett loves Curious George.  Anytime he sees a monkey he screams "George"!  This is going to be the theme of his 2nd birthday party so I think it is safe to say he is going to be thrilled with his party!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

23 months

I cannot believe in one month Bennett will be two!  It just doesn't seem possible.  I am busy planning his 2nd birthday party and I can't wait to see his reaction.  I think Bennett is going to love it!  Bennett is up to a lot of fun new things lately.  I am enjoying seeing his personality really come through.  He is quite a character and he knows it!  I am also getting little glimpses into the terrible twos.  Oh boy DRAMA!  Here are some funny pictures I took of Bennett today.  If this is any indicator of the pictures I can get of him our Christmas cards might look a bit funny this year!

Anytime the camera comes out this is the only face I can get.  I took over 20 pictures today and all of them have the same goofy face!  Silly boy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Love You!

I have been working with Bennett on saying I Love You for quite a long time.  I couldn't wait to hear those words from my little boy.  Finally a couple of weeks ago he started saying it back to us!  Now he says it much more clearly and it is music to my ears!  It sounds more like "I Ov Ew" or every now and then it is just "I Ew" but it is so precious.  Tonight I said I love you and he said it right back to me...melts my heart!

I love this boy more then anything!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was so much fun this year!  We started out our evening by going over to my dad's house so Pop Pop could see all of the kids before we headed out to trick or treat.  After Bennett, Ella, and Ryan got some candy from Pop Pop we headed over to Lyndsay and Dallon's neighborhood so Bennett could trick or treat with his cousins for a little bit.  Bennett didn't fully understand trick or treating but when someone put out the candy bowl for him to pick out candy he didn't hesitate one bit to grab all that he wanted!


Elmo and Minnie Mouse

I love this picture of the two of them!

Ryan as Lightening McQueen

How cute are these two!?

Leaving the first house with his candy

The cousins!

After Bennett went trick or treating with Ella and Ryan we headed back to our neighborhood so he could trick or treat a little bit in our neighborhood.  I stayed home while Jeremy took him out so I could pass out candy.  Jeremy said Bennett had a great time and so many kids were screaming "Elmo" as they say him.  One kid even came up to him and started petting his costume.  I think the younger kids thought he really was Elmo.  After Bennett came home he helped me pass out candy and I think he had the most fun doing that.  Every time the door bell rang he came running to help me get the door and greet the kids.  Bennett stayed up past his bed time mainly because he was so wired!  This was the first time he has ever had candy so he was on a huge sugar high!  It was such a fun night!!!

Eating some candy

Dancing around the kitchen and burning off his sugar high!

Me and Elmo

Jeremy with Elmo

Now I just need the rest of the candy out of my house since I can't stop eating it!!!