Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a week!!

This week has been a busy one.  I am actually glad Bennett doesn't have school next week and we will have some more time to take it easy.  I have been loving all of the crafts Bennett has been making at school lately.  They are making the cutest things for Thanksgiving and I have them all displayed in our kitchen.  Bennett goes up to the turkeys and calls them "kurkeys", pretty cute.  Today they made cute hats and he had to wear his out of school.  Of course when I wanted a picture of him with the hat on he kept taking it off!  Oh well!  I snuck one in after we ate dinner tonight.  Then we had to play cars and trains.  This is becoming something we play every night.

His cute hat!

Every night he lines up all of his cars and trains

Then he pushes all of them off

then picks them up and starts all over again!

Tomorrow is another busy day but should be a fun one!  Jeremy and I also have plans to go to dinner with friends so we are looking forward to a date night!!

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