Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving this year!  We started off our day heading up to Jeremy's parents house to spend the morning with them and eat lunch.  Bennett had a lot of fun playing with Gigi, Papa Daddy, and Mema. He played a lot outside while all of the men fried the turkeys and came in with his pants covered in mud and grass stains, so I know he had fun.  Once he came inside he was very interested in what Carder was doing.  Bennett had lots of kisses for Carder and was so sweet with her.  Then of course we ate way too much but how can you not when you have so much good food to eat.  We celebrated Gigi's birthday too since her birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year.

Drinking out of his new Thomas cup Gigi bought him

Bennett and Carder, they are so cute!

Helping Carder out with her bouncy toy

We left their house to head back to my dad's house for Thanksgiving number 2!  Bennett slept for maybe 30 minutes in the car on our way back.  Luckily that was enough sleep for him to keep going the rest of the day.  We enjoyed being able to see both families and eat a ton of yummy food!

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