Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Tree Lighting

Tonight we went to a Christmas Tree Lighting and got the chance to see Santa!  Santa rode through on a horse drawn carriage, read to the kids, sang Jingle Bells, then lit the tree.  We went with Lyndsay, Dallon, Ryan, and Ella.  Ryan loved seeing Santa.  Ella and Bennett didn't quite get what was going on.  Bennett just wanted to run around and had no interest in sitting still or being held to watch.  Maybe next year he will want to see Santa!
The boys

All 3 kiddos

Running around

Ella hanging out on her dad's shoulders

Jeremy and Bennett

Me and Bennett, can't you tell how happy he is to be held!

Marching Band

Pretty girl!


The tree all lit up


It was a fun night even though it was very cold!  Hopefully when we take Bennett to see Santa next month he will be more excited.  I have a feeling his reaction will be more like it was last year which means screaming and lots of tears!!

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