Thursday, April 26, 2012


That is all I can say about Bennett moving into his big boy bed is there has literally been no drama!  He is  taking his normal 2-3 hour nap.  He actually put himself down for a nap yesterday which left me speechless.  Bed time is no big deal either and he is sleeping until his normal time again instead of getting up a little bit earlier in the morning.  I don't know how or why this has gone so smoothly but I am incredibly grateful he has done so well with this.  I put a new set of sheets on his bed today that has cars all over it.  I asked him if he liked his sheets and he told me they make him happy!  I guess he realizes how comfortable a big bed is with pillows and probably thinks his crib is awful now!  He hasn't even walked into his nursery since Sunday, so he definitely doesn't miss the crib!  I can only hope potty training will be just as easy but now I am just being greedy, I know I won't be that lucky!  Now that Bennett is moved out of the nursery I need to get it set up for the baby.  Hard to believe there will be a new occupant very soon!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

So Far So Good!

We had a successful first night in the big boy bed!  We did not hear one sound from Bennett all night.  He woke up a little bit earlier then normal this morning but not by much.  When I went in to get him I found one very happy and proud little boy.  He was excited to wake up in his big boy bed!!

So Happy!

You know he had a good night of sleep with that bed head!

Today we had a very busy morning.  He had sports class, a play date with his friend Kennedy, lunch with friends, then we ran a few errands.  I was hoping to wear him out so he would be ready for a nap because I was worried his nap wouldn't go well, but we kept talking about it and he told me he wanted to sleep in his new bed.  When we got home he got in bed, laid down, and said "Night Night Mommy".  I was shocked!  I texted Jeremy that there is no way it can be this easy!!  He only slept for and hour and a half which is a bit on the short side for him and when I went in to get him he wasn't in bed, he was sitting on the floor.  I had to remind him of the rules that he can't get out of bed until Mommy comes in to get him.  Other then that his nap went better then I had expected.

Tonight he went down for bed easy again.  We did our normal routine and I laid with him for a few minutes.  He didn't want me to leave but he only cried for two minutes after I left and is already sleeping.  

Reading George with Daddy

Excited to be in his bed!

I am hoping for another good night of sleep, but who knows!  I am sure we are going to have a rough night at some point, but so far the transition is going really well!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Boy Bed

We finished Bennett's big boy room this weekend and tonight Bennett asked to sleep in there.  I have really been talking it up to him and trying to get him excited and it seems to have worked.  He did not want to sleep in his nursery tonight so we decided to take the plunge.  We weren't planning on moving him into his new room until the first weekend in May so I honestly wasn't all that prepared for this tonight.  I guess it is good he made the decision so I wouldn't be so sad on his last night in his crib.  It is weird to think that he will never sleep in his crib again though!  He spent the night with my dad last night so his last time sleeping in it was Friday night.  If only I had known!

Since I was not expecting this tonight I have no pictures of him in his big boy bed but I will definitely get some tomorrow night.  We will see how this goes tonight.  After we read books and did our normal nightly routine, I laid down with him and told him he cannot get out of the bed and he needs to stay in it all night like a big boy.  After I left he cried for a little bit but quickly stopped, so we will see how night one goes.  It could either be a really long night or all of the anxiety I have had about this transition being a nightmare could never happen which would be amazing!  The only thing I am worried about is we do not have safety rails on his bed.  Our neighbor let us borrow theirs and we put them on tonight but the bed we have for Bennett is a queen and the bed was just a bit too wide for the queen setting on the safety rails.  I barely pushed on the safety rail to adjust his sheets and one of the brackets snapped and broke!  I am glad it snapped on me and not Bennett falling out of bed, but now I am praying he doesn't fall out of bed at all now since there isn't anything to catch him.  I also feel horrible because my neighbors used these rails for both of their kids and I have them for 5 minutes and break them!  Can't wait to tell them!!

Here is hoping to a smooth night for all of us!  I cannot believe Bennett is in a big boy bed!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pop Pop's Truck

Bennett is obsessed with anything that has to do with transportation.  He loves cars, trains, buses, airplanes, if it moves on wheels he loves it!  He also recognizes people's cars now.  Bennett will point out any car that looks like Lou Lou's car, Pop Pop's car, Gigi's car, etc.  If he knows what car you drive you better believe every time we see one he has to say "Mommy Lou Lou's car!"  So all day I hear all of the different cars that he recognizes, which is a lot!  

About a month ago Pop Pop bought Bennett the truck in the picture above.  Bennett thinks this truck is Pop Pop's truck.  My dad drives a white truck but his is a new model so it doesn't look exactly like his truck but Bennett still thinks he has Pop Pop's truck.  He LOVES this truck!  Since the day he got it he has not let it too far out of his sight.  The first night he had it he asked to sleep with Pop Pop's truck so he now has Pop Pop's truck with him every night.  It is really funny how much he loves the truck and all throughout the day he reminds me that he has "Pop Pop's truck"!

Playing with Pop Pop's truck

Having so much fun!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We have had a great Easter!  Yesterday we went up to Jeremy's parents house to spend the day with them. Bennett got to have his own Easter Egg Hunt and he was excited about all of the candy stashed in every egg.  He also got a great Easter basket loaded with fun toys.  We had a fun day with everyone and it was a great way to start off our Easter weekend.

Finding the Easter Eggs

Enjoying some of the candy

Sweet Carder!!

Today we went to church and before we left this morning we gave Bennett his Easter basket.  He was very excited to see a new truck but he was really happy about his new bubble machine that we had a lot of fun with when we got home from church.  

Checking out his basket

He ate breakfast with his new toys

Me and Bennett before church

Jeremy and Bennett

Playing with his new bubble machine after church

Trying to catch all of them

Having so much fun!

We headed over to my dad's house after Bennett's nap.  Bennett got another Easter basket filled with a lot of fun toys!  He got very spoiled this Easter!!  Bennett had so much fun over at Pop Pop's and really had fun playing with Ryan and Ella.  He had to do everything Ryan did so if Ryan ran somewhere Bennett was right behind him and if Ryan screamed so did Bennett.  He became Ryan's little shadow tonight.  We had a great day with family and remembering the true reason why we celebrate Easter.  Next year my goal is to make more of our celebration about why we celebrate Easter so Bennett doesn't just think it is about candy and eggs.  

Handsome boy 

We tried to get a cute picture of the cousins but they sat as far away from each other as possible!

Imitating Ryan

Monkey see, monkey do!

Bennett with Lou Lou

He loved this!!

Having so much fun!

Sweet cousins!

Friday, April 6, 2012

INK Museum and Easter Eggs

We took Bennett to a children's museum called INK this morning.  It was a bit chilly today so we decided to take him somewhere fun that was indoors.  The museum is a great place for kids to run around and they are able to interact with all of the exhibits.  They can grocery shop, get into real cars, trucks, planes and just play in a lot of different areas they have set up.  Bennett had a good time and his favorite things were of course the car and trains.

Went straight to the train table

Looking at the train exhibit.  You could push the buttons to make the trains go.

Climbing into an old firetruck

They had a police car there and he loved this!  Definitely his favorite thing!

His face when I told him this better be the only time I see him in a police car unless he is a policeman :)

Checking out the airplane

In the cockpit

Playing on a computer

Taking some phone calls, such a little business man!

Back to the police car.  He could have stayed in this all day!

In the veterinary clinic and they had a stuffed pug!  He called it Alice :)

Taking Alice with him

Grocery shopping

Checking out all of the "food"

Going to check out.  Doesn't he look like such a big boy!?

After we left the museum we went to lunch then took him to Krispy Kreme for the first time.  This was partly a treat for him and a treat for myself and the baby of course!  Needless to say he loved his doughnut!



Such a mess!

After Bennett's nap we dyed Easter Eggs.  He was really into helping this year and was excited to watch the eggs turn different colors.  

Dropping in the first egg

So excited!

Watching all of the eggs turn different colors

Happy boy!

We have a lot of plans this weekend for Easter and we cannot wait to spend it with family!