Monday, April 2, 2012

Sprinkler Fun!!!

After dinner tonight Bennett wanted to play outside so we headed out to our backyard to play until bath time.  I went over to water some of our trees and Bennett wanted to help me.  His idea of helping was splashing his hands into the water and walking through the water.  He ended up with half his shirt soaking wet but he had so much fun!  Jeremy went to get the sprinkler to let Bennett play a little bit more in the water and Bennett was so excited.  He ran through the sprinkler and kept trying to drink out of it.  He was soaking wet by the time we were done, so we had to strip him down outside and get him straight into the bath!

Started out with the hose and being partially wet

Then the real fun began!

Running through the sprinkler and having so much fun!

Happy boy

Taking a drink of water :)

He kept screaming and laughing!

One soaked little boy

I know every time we head out to the backyard he is going to want to do this.  I told Jeremy I am sure many days this summer I will just lather him in sunscreen and we will head outside in just his diaper so he can run in the sprinkler and his little pool.  That will make for a happy boy and one very pregnant mama who can soak her feet in the baby pool!

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