Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Boy Bed

We finished Bennett's big boy room this weekend and tonight Bennett asked to sleep in there.  I have really been talking it up to him and trying to get him excited and it seems to have worked.  He did not want to sleep in his nursery tonight so we decided to take the plunge.  We weren't planning on moving him into his new room until the first weekend in May so I honestly wasn't all that prepared for this tonight.  I guess it is good he made the decision so I wouldn't be so sad on his last night in his crib.  It is weird to think that he will never sleep in his crib again though!  He spent the night with my dad last night so his last time sleeping in it was Friday night.  If only I had known!

Since I was not expecting this tonight I have no pictures of him in his big boy bed but I will definitely get some tomorrow night.  We will see how this goes tonight.  After we read books and did our normal nightly routine, I laid down with him and told him he cannot get out of the bed and he needs to stay in it all night like a big boy.  After I left he cried for a little bit but quickly stopped, so we will see how night one goes.  It could either be a really long night or all of the anxiety I have had about this transition being a nightmare could never happen which would be amazing!  The only thing I am worried about is we do not have safety rails on his bed.  Our neighbor let us borrow theirs and we put them on tonight but the bed we have for Bennett is a queen and the bed was just a bit too wide for the queen setting on the safety rails.  I barely pushed on the safety rail to adjust his sheets and one of the brackets snapped and broke!  I am glad it snapped on me and not Bennett falling out of bed, but now I am praying he doesn't fall out of bed at all now since there isn't anything to catch him.  I also feel horrible because my neighbors used these rails for both of their kids and I have them for 5 minutes and break them!  Can't wait to tell them!!

Here is hoping to a smooth night for all of us!  I cannot believe Bennett is in a big boy bed!!

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