Friday, April 6, 2012

INK Museum and Easter Eggs

We took Bennett to a children's museum called INK this morning.  It was a bit chilly today so we decided to take him somewhere fun that was indoors.  The museum is a great place for kids to run around and they are able to interact with all of the exhibits.  They can grocery shop, get into real cars, trucks, planes and just play in a lot of different areas they have set up.  Bennett had a good time and his favorite things were of course the car and trains.

Went straight to the train table

Looking at the train exhibit.  You could push the buttons to make the trains go.

Climbing into an old firetruck

They had a police car there and he loved this!  Definitely his favorite thing!

His face when I told him this better be the only time I see him in a police car unless he is a policeman :)

Checking out the airplane

In the cockpit

Playing on a computer

Taking some phone calls, such a little business man!

Back to the police car.  He could have stayed in this all day!

In the veterinary clinic and they had a stuffed pug!  He called it Alice :)

Taking Alice with him

Grocery shopping

Checking out all of the "food"

Going to check out.  Doesn't he look like such a big boy!?

After we left the museum we went to lunch then took him to Krispy Kreme for the first time.  This was partly a treat for him and a treat for myself and the baby of course!  Needless to say he loved his doughnut!



Such a mess!

After Bennett's nap we dyed Easter Eggs.  He was really into helping this year and was excited to watch the eggs turn different colors.  

Dropping in the first egg

So excited!

Watching all of the eggs turn different colors

Happy boy!

We have a lot of plans this weekend for Easter and we cannot wait to spend it with family!

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