Monday, April 2, 2012

Busy Social Life

Sadly I am not talking about my own social life I am talking about my two year old!  Last week was a busy one!!!  Between school, sports class, play dates, and a birthday party we had every single day jam packed with activities.  It was a lot of fun though.  I prefer to stay busy and so does Bennett but by yesterday I was wiped out.  Yesterday we took it easy and just went to church in the morning and came home to play outside afterwards while Jeremy did yard work.  After Bennett's nap Pop Pop came over and we cooked out for dinner.  Bennett was very excited he was here!

So cool!

Making sure his shades stay on

Such a cutie!

Bennett has Spring Break this week but we still have a busy week planned.  Today he and I just ran errands all morning.  We have fun play dates planned for tomorrow and Wednesday.  Jeremy is taking off work starting Thursday so we plan to have some fun family time just the three of us.  We want to get in as much quality time with Bennett before the baby arrives.  This weekend we have a lot of plans for Easter which should be a lot of fun especially for Bennett.

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