Monday, March 26, 2012

Boo Boo Central!

Last night after the Easter Egg Hunt and dinner Bennett was playing while we cleaned up the kitchen.  He fell on our hardwood floors and I didn't think much of it considering it isn't out of the norm for him to fall down.  He got up and walked over to the wall and didn't cry or say one word, so I assumed he was fine until he walked over to me and I saw blood dripping down his leg.  I have no idea what he hit but he has a long skinny cut almost the length of his knee.  We got him cleaned up and he was on his way.  This morning he was playing and hit his chin on a table which caused him to bust his lip.  This time there were tears but I quickly got him cleaned up again and he was fine.  I kind of thought to myself is this going to come in 3s or are we done with boo boos.

He had his sports class today and we left there without any injuries!  After class we went to the park with his friend Kennedy.  He was chasing Kennedy around and of course he wiped out.  He started crying so I ran over and he had re cut his knee and then I noticed he was bleeding out of his mouth.  He had scrapped up his upper lip and chin.  He refuses to wear a band aid so I am hoping he doesn't keep hurting his knee.  I guess with a little boy I will have to get used to a lot of cuts and bruises!  I am just hoping I don't see anymore blood from my child for a few days.  Three times in 24 hours is enough for now!!

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