Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Memories

Having a 2 year old definitely has its challenges.  Bennett is throwing his fair share of tantrums and he has strong opinions on pretty much everything.  This can make bed time interesting.  Some nights he fights us on everything from getting dressed to even reading a book before bed.  Tonight was such a sweet night with him though.  I put him to bed tonight so we read Curious George, of course.  When we were done reading I turned out the lights so we could rock.  While I rock him we will pray and sing songs.  Tonight we prayed and we are teaching him to pray with his hands clasped and eyes closed.  After we prayed he asked to pray two more times.  I know he only wanted to keep praying because he thought it was fun to keep clasping his hands together but it was so sweet to hear him ask me to pray again.  Tonight he was very interested in talking about the baby too.  He kept rubbing and kissing my belly then he laid his head on my belly.  Lately he hasn't paid much attention to my belly so it was cute seeing him more interested.  We also sing Jesus Loves Me and our ABCs every night and he is starting to learn the words to the songs.  I love hearing him sing and try and learn the right words.  I wish he could stay this way forever!

I just wanted to document our sweet bedtime routine while it lasts.  I am sure before I know it he will be 13 and I will wish he wanted me to sing to him before bed.

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