Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Months Old!

My sweet little bug is 10 months old!  How in the world is he almost one!  I am starting to think about and plan his birthday party and it just doesn't seem possible.

Walker's personality has really started to come out this past month.  He is so funny and very feisty.  If he wants a toy he will try and get it no matter how difficult is may be for him to get to it and if he can't have it he will let you know he is mad.  He is officially crawling the right way but still prefers his army crawl.  He never stops moving!!!!  He wants to be wherever Bennett is and he gets mad that he can't always keep up.  Poor guy if he could just get up and walk he would.  He is now standing up at toys that he is able to support himself with but he isn't quite pulling up yet, he is only pulling up onto his knees at this point.  Last night he stood on his own for a few seconds and was so proud of himself.

Changing his clothes or diaper is an adventure.  He wants to keep moving so I have to hold him down with one hand while trying to get his diaper and clothes on him with my other hand.  It is like a mini workout!  It is especially tricky when he has a poopy diaper and is trying to squirm away so he can go play.

He is doing great eating real food.  For breakfast he no longer eats any baby food he is now eating banana and pancakes.  He loves feeding himself and trying out new food.  He still gets some baby food at lunch and dinner, but I am trying to give him more food he can feed himself at those meals.  He is growing up so fast!

 Standing up like a big boy!

On the move

Sweet, happy boy

Eating his breakfast like a big boy

Playing with his toy, he looks so big!

Sweet brothers

 I think Walker is going to be my wild, adventurous one!  It should be a great dynamic to see Walker and Bennett grow up together since Bennett is shy and reserved and from what I can tell Walker will be a bit more outgoing.  It is so fun watching him explore and seeing more and more of his personality come out.  Walker is going to keep us on our toes!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last Day of School

Bennett had his last day of preschool and is out for the summer.  I can't believe how fast this year went by!

First day of school

My shy and timid little guy before starting his first day

On his last day of school

Not as shy and timid!!

I am so thankful for the great year he had!  I am looking forward to a fun summer even though I am a little nervous how I am going to keep Bennett busy and Walker content since he needs a bit more rest then Bennett does.  Bennett is constantly asking when we can go to our pool so I think we will be spending a lot of time up there.  I also signed him back up for the sports class he took last year.  I hope we can stay busy and make the most of our time before August gets here and he is back in preschool again!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

End of the Year Party!

Friday is Bennett's last day of school.  On Tuesday his teachers had the class party to celebrate the year.  They asked all the parents to bring in lunch and blankets for the kids so we could have a picnic lunch outside.  Before we headed outside for lunch Bennett's teachers had put together a video with pictures of all the kids from the first day of school till now.  It had pictures of activities they did, parties, and just them playing in class.  It was so sweet and thoughtful of them to put something like that together for us to see.

After the video we went outside to eat and Bennett's teacher came over with their gift to the parents and kids. They made a personalized book for each child in the class and also gave them a Curious George book.  On the front of the personalized book is a picture of Bennett with his teachers and on the inside there is hand print or foot print artwork done for each month and it is done with the theme for that month along with a bible verse.  On another page is a collage of pictures of all of the kids and in the back is a CD with the kids favorite songs they listened to in class.  It made me tear up while I looked through the book and seeing how much the teachers really love all of the kids.  I honestly could go on and on about how much I love his teachers.  I am so sad this school year is over and I wish Bennett could stay with these teachers forever!

His teachers had bubbles, side walk chalk, and popsicles so after we ate all of the kids just ran around and played with each other.  It was a very fun way to end the school year.

Bennett and Kennedy having lunch together

Bennett with his bubbles

Hanging out with popsicles

Taking a little break in the shade

My precious boy!

Best friends!  I love these two!

Running and more running!

I still can't believe school is over and summer is here!  I will miss our routine of going to school 3 days a week, but it will be nice to slow down a bit.  I am thankful that Bennett had such an amazing year and I hope next year is just as good if not better.  

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!  Actually is was more like an entire weekend.  On Friday night we had our babysitter come over so Jeremy and I could go out alone and have a nice night away.  We had a great time and were able to fit in some time for me to go shopping.  That was Jeremy's gift to me.  I am trying to rebuild my wardrobe after having babies so I told him all I wanted was to go get a few more things.  I think shopping is my favorite kind of gift :)

Saturday the boys gave me their gifts early.  Bennett got me a professional blender so I can make our green smoothies even better.  I think he was more excited about using it for the first time then I was!  The rest of the day Saturday we spent most of the day out together.  On actual Mother's Day we went to church, then Jeremy cooked us all lunch when we got home.  I usually do my grocery shopping on Sundays and Jeremy offered to go for me!  I stayed home and relaxed while the boys napped and Jeremy did the shopping for me.  Then once the boys were in bed for the night Jeremy grilled steaks for us and we enjoyed a quiet dinner alone.  It was such a nice weekend and I loved every second of it!

Me with my babies!

My little cuties!

I am so thankful to have two healthy boys that have allowed me to be a Mom so I can celebrate Mother's Day.  I used to hate Mother's Day.  The last time I celebrated Mother's Day with my own mom was in 1990.  I used to dread the day because it was a reminder of what was missing in my life.  I miss my mom every day but Mother's Day is even that much harder that she isn't here but Bennett and Walker have definitely healed part of my heart and brought me so much joy that I am able to enjoy the day.  I think that is why I now love Mother's Day so much.  I am very lucky to have such a thoughtful and loving husband who goes all out to show his appreciation and two sweet boys who make me feel so loved.  I am very lucky and blessed!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Muffins with Mom

This morning Bennett's class hosted all of the moms for breakfast.  I really can't say enough about his teachers and how thoughtful they are.  They had the sweetest things made by the kids for us.  I had an adorable pin to wear with a picture of Bennett on the pin.  While we ate Bennett's teacher pulled out cards they made for each mom.  The teachers had asked each child questions about their mom, so Bennett's teacher read out the answers and had everyone guess whose mom that child was talking about.  Bennett did pretty good with his answers for me and I was able to pick his out easily once I heard one of the answers to the question was we play cars!  That could only be my boy!  Bennett gave me my card and a gift wrapped in paper that he decorated.  I opened my gift and found the sweetest apron with his handprints all over it.  I love how creative his teachers are!

Sweet boy with a mouth full of muffin

Walker was a trooper, he was so tired and ready for a nap

Bennett's answers about me on my card

The apron he made for me!

I LOVE the apron Bennett made.  I told him I will wear it tonight while I make dinner.  Today was a fun morning and Bennett was really excited that I was at school with him.  Even after I picked him up this afternoon he still kept talking about the fact that Walker and I came to school with him this morning.  
This was a great start to celebrating Mother's Day with my boys!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Bennett came home from school on Tuesday with a Bug House he had made.  He was eager to catch some bugs to put into his house, so I told him after his nap we would head outside to look for bugs.  Secretly I was hoping he would somehow forget so I wouldn't have to handle gross bugs but who are we kidding, Bennett doesn't forget anything!  The first thing out of his mouth when he woke up was "Let's go get some bugs Mom".  So we headed outside to look for bugs.

Bennett and Walker hanging out together

Bennett with his bug house

Approach #1 he thought if he held it up bugs would fly in

Approach #2 was sit and hope bugs would come to him

Sweet Walker just sat and played and I obviously did not rub in his sunscreen very well

We really could not find one bug in our backyard, so we had no luck getting anything for his bug house.  We went back out after dinner and finally found one.  I set the poor bug free after Bennett shook the house so hard I was afraid we would have a dead bug on our hands.  

I guess since I am surrounded by boys I probably need to get used to bugs and other gross little things!