Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Months Old!

My sweet little bug is 10 months old!  How in the world is he almost one!  I am starting to think about and plan his birthday party and it just doesn't seem possible.

Walker's personality has really started to come out this past month.  He is so funny and very feisty.  If he wants a toy he will try and get it no matter how difficult is may be for him to get to it and if he can't have it he will let you know he is mad.  He is officially crawling the right way but still prefers his army crawl.  He never stops moving!!!!  He wants to be wherever Bennett is and he gets mad that he can't always keep up.  Poor guy if he could just get up and walk he would.  He is now standing up at toys that he is able to support himself with but he isn't quite pulling up yet, he is only pulling up onto his knees at this point.  Last night he stood on his own for a few seconds and was so proud of himself.

Changing his clothes or diaper is an adventure.  He wants to keep moving so I have to hold him down with one hand while trying to get his diaper and clothes on him with my other hand.  It is like a mini workout!  It is especially tricky when he has a poopy diaper and is trying to squirm away so he can go play.

He is doing great eating real food.  For breakfast he no longer eats any baby food he is now eating banana and pancakes.  He loves feeding himself and trying out new food.  He still gets some baby food at lunch and dinner, but I am trying to give him more food he can feed himself at those meals.  He is growing up so fast!

 Standing up like a big boy!

On the move

Sweet, happy boy

Eating his breakfast like a big boy

Playing with his toy, he looks so big!

Sweet brothers

 I think Walker is going to be my wild, adventurous one!  It should be a great dynamic to see Walker and Bennett grow up together since Bennett is shy and reserved and from what I can tell Walker will be a bit more outgoing.  It is so fun watching him explore and seeing more and more of his personality come out.  Walker is going to keep us on our toes!

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