Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Muffins with Mom

This morning Bennett's class hosted all of the moms for breakfast.  I really can't say enough about his teachers and how thoughtful they are.  They had the sweetest things made by the kids for us.  I had an adorable pin to wear with a picture of Bennett on the pin.  While we ate Bennett's teacher pulled out cards they made for each mom.  The teachers had asked each child questions about their mom, so Bennett's teacher read out the answers and had everyone guess whose mom that child was talking about.  Bennett did pretty good with his answers for me and I was able to pick his out easily once I heard one of the answers to the question was we play cars!  That could only be my boy!  Bennett gave me my card and a gift wrapped in paper that he decorated.  I opened my gift and found the sweetest apron with his handprints all over it.  I love how creative his teachers are!

Sweet boy with a mouth full of muffin

Walker was a trooper, he was so tired and ready for a nap

Bennett's answers about me on my card

The apron he made for me!

I LOVE the apron Bennett made.  I told him I will wear it tonight while I make dinner.  Today was a fun morning and Bennett was really excited that I was at school with him.  Even after I picked him up this afternoon he still kept talking about the fact that Walker and I came to school with him this morning.  
This was a great start to celebrating Mother's Day with my boys!

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