Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Bennett came home from school on Tuesday with a Bug House he had made.  He was eager to catch some bugs to put into his house, so I told him after his nap we would head outside to look for bugs.  Secretly I was hoping he would somehow forget so I wouldn't have to handle gross bugs but who are we kidding, Bennett doesn't forget anything!  The first thing out of his mouth when he woke up was "Let's go get some bugs Mom".  So we headed outside to look for bugs.

Bennett and Walker hanging out together

Bennett with his bug house

Approach #1 he thought if he held it up bugs would fly in

Approach #2 was sit and hope bugs would come to him

Sweet Walker just sat and played and I obviously did not rub in his sunscreen very well

We really could not find one bug in our backyard, so we had no luck getting anything for his bug house.  We went back out after dinner and finally found one.  I set the poor bug free after Bennett shook the house so hard I was afraid we would have a dead bug on our hands.  

I guess since I am surrounded by boys I probably need to get used to bugs and other gross little things!

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