Monday, March 12, 2012


I signed Bennett up for a 10 week sports class.  They teach the kids about t ball, soccer, basketball, and football.  They group the classes by age so he is in a class with about 9 other 2 year olds.  I thought it would be another good activity for him and get him interested in learning about sports.  Luckily my friend Hether signed up her daughter Kennedy for the class too.  Since Bennett is more on the shy side I figured he would be apprehensive about going into the class today and I was right.  It really helped that his friend Kennedy was there with him.  Hether kept peeking into the class for me to see what Bennett was doing and pretty much every time she looked in he was right by Kennedy's side and the teacher said at one point Kennedy went over and patted Bennett on the back to make him feel better.  There was another kid in the class who screamed his head off the entire class except for the last 5 minutes so I was afraid that wouldn't help Bennett.  It is almost like another crying child makes Bennett feel like it is ok to cry but luckily the other kid didn't really affect him.  I am glad Bennett participated in class and seemed to enjoy himself.  I am sure as the weeks go on he will be fine especially since he has his friend Kennedy by his side!

Silly boy eating lunch

Laying down on the couch.  He was so tired!

I didn't get any pictures of him in class because I didn't want to risk him seeing me peeking in and start crying.  Maybe I can try it later. I wish I could have seen him today.  At one point Hether looked in and he was running around smiling.  The teacher taught them how to run bases and soon he will learn how to throw and hit the ball.  I am hoping next week he enjoys class again.  I asked him when we left if he wanted to go back and he said YES 

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