Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winnie the Poop????

Jeremy and I bought this for Bennett before he was born actually it was before we even knew he was a boy.  We were in NYC and went to FAO Schwartz to by our baby to be some gifts.  Bennett has never shown interest in this toy since he was born until last night.  On the Disney channel they play short episodes of Winnie the Pooh that Bennett sees in between episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so he has had little exposure to Pooh. I was surprised last night when Bennett wanted to play with Pooh and Jeremy and I started laughing because Bennett called him Poop instead of Pooh.  He told me "Poop Night Night", so I asked him if he wanted Pooh to sleep with him and he said "Ok".  So Bennett had Pooh in his bed with him and this morning I got him up and was changing his diaper and he kept reaching for his crib yelling "Poop, Poop!!" so we had to get Pooh out of his crib.  So if you hear Bennett saying Poop then he has either really gone to the bathroom or he wants to see Pooh!

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