Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bennett is 2!!!

Bennett turned 2 today!  I cannot believe how quickly the past 2 years have gone and how much he has changed.  I was thinking today that just 2 years ago he was a tiny little newborn who couldn't do anything on his own and today he is a energetic 2 year old who wants to do everything on his own!  Our morning started out with doughnuts and gifts.  We got Bennett a set of table and chairs for our kitchen so he was excited when he came downstairs and saw it.  He enjoyed breakfast sitting like a big boy at his table.

His Happy Birthday sign

His new table all decorated!

Enjoying his doughnut

After breakfast we opened gifts.  We had one small gift to give him since the table was his big gift and we had him open gifts from Mema that came in the mail earlier in the week so we saved them for his actual birthday.  He was so excited to open his gifts!

He got excited when he saw we got him something with Curious George on it!

He love his new book from Mema

So happy!

His birthday candle burning down year 2

Today was a school day for Bennett so we planned to go to school during his lunch time to have lunch with him and we brought cookies for his whole class to enjoy.  He was happy to see us walk in and sat so still when we first got there and ate his lunch.  That didn't last too long soon he wanted either Jeremy or I to sit with him or hold him.  The class sang him Happy Birthday, gave him a hat, and handmade card.  His class is so sweet and they were all so cute.

Eating his cookie

He didn't want to wear the hat so he covered his head so Jeremy couldn't put it on

After school we took him to Target to pick out a toy which was a Hot Wheels car.  I love that a $.99 toy will make a 2 year olds day!  I had to run over to the grocery side of the store to get a few things and Bennett took off down to the ice cream aisle.  It was pretty funny that he knew exactly where to go so since it was his birthday we picked up a little treat for him to have.  After his nap we took him to dinner and got Pizza.  I think Bennett had a great birthday!

He took every car and train he has and put them all on his table

Our sweet 2 year old!

I still can't believe Bennett is 2!  He is the biggest blessing Jeremy or I could have ever asked for.  I am so thankful to be Bennett's mom.  Happy Birthday sweet boy!  We love you more then anything!

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