Monday, February 20, 2012

Smart Boy

Bennett just got this new play phone that helps him learn his numbers.  He learned 2 new numbers today by just playing with it.  He is also so close to knowing all of the letters in the alphabet.  We go over them a good bit but he has picked up the letters so fast.  Tonight he was playing with letters we have on a magnetic board in his playroom and he would point to the letters and tell me what they were.  I am so impressed with how quickly he learns new things!

The play phone he got he has been carrying around all day and he was cracking me up earlier because he was having conversations on his phone.  He told me he was talking to Dada and Lou Lou.

I love that he kept his leg propped up the entire time

Going in the other room.  I guess he needed privacy for his conversation :)

I love seeing Bennett learn more everyday.  It is amazing how much a 2 year old can grasp!

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