Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a fun 4th of July this year!  Both of Jeremy's grandparents live on the lake, so we went down to see all of them on Sunday.  We don't get to see them much so it was nice seeing Ma, Pa, and Mema. Bennett also got to see his new cousin Carder again, she is just 5 weeks old and so sweet. We also had a great time seeing Gigi, Papa Daddy, Uncle Josh, and Aunt Tamara. Jeremy's Aunt, Uncle, and cousin stopped by too, so it was a fun day of visiting. Ma and Pa have a pontoon boat they let us take out which was so nice! Bennett had never been on a boat before so we were excited to see his reaction and he loved it!  Of course he called all the boats cars, so I don't think he quite got what we were doing but he still had fun. He also got to swim in the lake which I wasn't sure if he would love, but he did! We spent a few hours on the boat then went back to Mema's for lunch.  Bennett missed nap time and actually did really well with no nap.  I saw him start to go down hill at one point and act up, so a quick time out cured that. After that he entertained everyone by running around and squirting himself in the face with a water gun. He passed out in the car on the way home and slept hard that night so he was worn out from his big day! I can't wait to take Bennett back down for another visit with his great grandparents and take him on another boat ride!

Playing peek a boo on our way to the lake

Eating lunch on the boat

He liked the wind blowing in his hair!

Relaxing with Papa Daddy

Swimming in the lake 

Swimming at Ma and Pa's dock

Hanging with Aunt Tamara!

Uncle Josh let Bennett help him "drive" the boat

Poking Carder...poor baby we had to keep him from doing that to her!

Sweet baby Carder

The actual 4th we spent at home and just relaxed.  We went to the pool and swam all morning.  After Bennett's nap we played for a while outside then grilled out, and we got done just in time before it started to rain.  Since the weather wasn't so great we made smores inside and Bennett enjoyed his little treat!!! After Bennett went down for the night Jeremy and I just hung out and watched a few fire works from our front porch that people were setting off, but it was raining so hard that the fireworks ended early, so we ended up back inside to watch them on TV!!!  I think next year we will take Bennett out to see a fireworks show.

My cute little firecracker!

YUMMY Smores!!!!!!

Such a mess!

Jeremy took of work all this week so we are looking forward to a nice week with him. He was able to go with me today to Gymboree for Bennett's class.  It was fun for him to see how Bennett interacts with a big group of kids.  We have a busy week planned and we are looking forward to our quality family time!

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