Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy Weekend means a Lazy Monday

We had such a busy weekend enjoying time with family.  It was so much fun but it wore all of us out!

Today I was tired and so was Bennett from our busy weekend so we have had a low key Monday.  I just cleaned and got a lot done around the house and lucky for me Bennett was content to stay inside and just hang out.  Considering the temperature around here has been well over 100 I am so glad to just be in the air conditioning!  Bennett did help me clean this morning, so it was nice having an extra set of hands to get all of my cleaning done :)

Cleaning the rug

Checking over his work

Taking a break!  He deserved it after all of his hard work :)

I can't believe it is already July and we are weeks away from the baby arriving!!  I am now going weekly to the doctor and it really could be any day so we are just trying to get some last minute things done in preparation for the big day!  So exciting!!!

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