Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cooking with Bennett

We have been really busy this summer, a lot more busy then I thought we would be.  Honestly I thought I would have more days of needing to find things to do with Bennett to keep us busy but lately days where we don't have plans are few and far between.  On those days that we don't have a lot to keep us busy I have been looking for good activities to do with Bennett that involve being inside.  It really is way too hot to be outside unless you are in a pool.  After his nap one afternoon I asked Bennett to help me cook.  I planned on making a big batch of spaghetti sauce.  My mom always did this when I was growing up.  She would make a huge pot and freeze it in batches so she could pull it out when she needed it.  It makes life easy when you need a quick meal and my mom's sauce is the best so it is a great thing to make a lot of and freeze.  I told Bennett we were going to make Nanny's sauce and he was very interested and wanted to help me out, so now spaghetti sauce is called Nanny's sauce and I hope one day Bennett makes it for his family.

Helping me make Nanny's sauce

The other day I saw a cupcake recipe on Pinterest I wanted to try and figured it would be another fun thing Bennett could help me cook.  He had a lot of fun making cupcakes and even more fun eating them!

Waiting for his cupcakes

Finally able to enjoy them!

Hopefully Bennett will want to keep helping me cook.  It is a fun thing for him and I to do together and it can't hurt for him to learn a few things so he will know how to cook for himself one day!

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