Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet Friends!

Yesterday after Bennett's sports class my friend Hether and I took Bennett and Kennedy over to the mall to do some shopping and walk around.  The plan was to try and walk the baby out which sadly didn't work.  Bennett loves Kennedy so even though walking didn't do anything to bring on labor it was a fun day because they always have a great time with each other.

Sweet friends holding hands :)

As we were leaving Bennett and Kennedy held hands and they had to hold each other hands all the way out to our cars.  Then they gave each other a big hug goodbye.  They are so cute together!! 

Yesterday was also Lou Lou's birthday so a big Happy Birthday to her!!  All she wanted for her birthday was for the baby to be born, but sadly that did not happen.  I guess he will just have a to be a belated gift :) 

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